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Bear Tales is in the process of winding up …

Bear Tales is finishing!

WordPress – because of 14.000 posts I have used 20GB of storage so now I am on a business plan of $399 per year.

That was sort of fine because I was getting a small amount from WordAds which in reality was not quite covering costs.

Now the site is classified as mature and supposedly advertisers are not bidding for my site. Seriously why advertisers wouldn’t want people who are visiting my site to see their ads escapes me totally. You know mature people with money –  just totally strange?

I have done 14,000 posts and probably the most comprehensive collection of jokes in the world. They will be lost because I am just cheesed off.

I have asked for a refund and they have agreed to refund plus getting my outstanding WordAds earnings.

Don’t try to make anything of WordPress because they will handle you seriously. The expectation of super profits is just too much for these blithering simpletons.

Oh well I earned nearly $40,000 from the site to pay expenses over eight years. It just grates I can’t continue because of the greed from WordPress and to be totally honest it is Google greed who control the ads.

Best post 13,700,000 views but WordPress don’t want me posting because I post for mature people. You know the ones who are going to be the majority in the next 20 years. Are these people blithering idiots?

Sorry I forgot they are young blithering idiots

Bear disturbing

For one of the last times Bear posts

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Media crap – nothing has happened who cares …


For all the outrage about privacy and social media nothing has happened has it?

The media wants to create controversy to get views their view is not report facts but create controversy and get views then you will be a good reporter.

Crap – to Bear a good report gets facts right and reports them in an unbiased way.

Nothing has happened all the scares by the media are nothing. All they have done is scare off people from using a resource that can enhance their lives. Particularly older people.

If you don’t put it on the internet it can’t be shared can it? So if you are concerned about privacy don’t record it you have the choice. So what if they give me adds I don’t care if I don’t want to see it don’t go there.


Facebook bum

For Bear I don’t care! If I put something in posts or my accounts on social media it is meant to be shared. Get smart and be real people you are responsible for yourself.

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Data breach

More media crap

Bear disturbing

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Bear Tales Test – Bear trying to use the new crap editor …

This is a random post to test the new editor. See what you think about Bear’s first attempts …

Bear is testing the new text editor but it doesn’t copy previous posts format. Sad from the beginning.

Why do I have to select a block? Previously just started typing?

I can’t edit this galley and make it better? The whole thing does not work. So sad performance. Just not good enough when they want outlandish amounts of money to use their site. It might go the way of Stumbleupon and fail. Very easy to do!

My opinion very poor attempt. Why do we need blocks? Slow and frustrating.

It is more about WordPress making money than giving users what they want and need.

I want posts as I am creating them to look like the finished post no more previews enough you have had many years to make it great your effort is very poor.

The computer world these days seems to be about making billions and nothing for consumers.

Do you agree?

I am now going to click “Preview” I should not have to do that my post draft should look what thee post looks like. Do you agree?

Spell checking not working! Can’t change the color of this text

I know that new things are hard and I have done 14.000 posts in the old editors I think there have been 3 but seriously this is hard for me to use.

I can’t work out how to put a widget here?

I am going back to the old editor. Seriously have you tried?

The world loves me …

The world loves me

They need to as a result of all the images that I share I needed to go on a WordPress Business Plan I have used the 13GB allowed on the Premium Plan which last year cost $99/year. After my whinging and discounts it has cost me $250 for next year. This gives me unlimited storage for media files to share with you.

Admittedly I get some money from WordAds, the returns from this have reduced significantly. Google is getting too greedy I think.

But it is starting me thinking is it all worth it.

I started Bear Tales many years ago when I was a young bloke LOL ;). I had many friends on different social sites so I could post on Bear Tales and share to all of them in one go. No need to do individual posts on other blogs like FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ etc.. I didn’t intend for it to be commercial just sharing with friends and a bit of fun!

Bear Tales is approaching 12,000 posts. There are 10s millions of views with the best post recording almost 14 mil views. So I must be doing something right?

Now WordPress is becoming expensive and their “happiness engineers” are not so helpful nor happy. cartoon_businessman_or_entrepreneur_holding_a_giant_dollar_bill_0521-1011-0416-3143_SMU

The almighty dollar prevails!

I have spent the money taken the plan and told them things need to improve otherwise it is the last year.

Bear disturbing

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Bear Tales plans 2018 …

2018 plans

Bear disturbing

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London puts new hybrid electric black cabs on roads ahead of larger rollout …

“London is starting up a pilot test of its electric black cabs (via Engadget), otherwise known as the TX5, after first revealing the vehicles back in 2015. The cars have 70 miles of pure EV range on …

This is still a car that will probably spend a lot of time guzzling gas, considering its range and the amount of travel that drivers normally do during a day in the city. But it’s a far greener alternative compared to what’s used now, and it has the potential to get better over time.”

Please visit source: London puts new hybrid electric black cabs on roads ahead of larger rollout | TechCrunch for more.

What do you think?

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A real electric jet is just around the corner and it will change flying forever …

“On Thursday, electric aircraft start-up Zunum Aero announced its plans to introduce a 12-seat hybrid-to-electric jet by 2022.

“With this announcement, we are coming out and saying our initial product will be a nine to 12 seat aeroplane,” Zunum CTO, Matt Knapp told Business Insider in an interview. “It flies at about 300 mph and is really optimised for regional flights.”

That means everything from short “puddle jumper” flights to longer routes of as much as 700 miles between cities such Boston and Washington D.C, Knapp said.”

Please visit source: A real electric jet is just around the corner and it will change flying forever | Business Insider

Bear says no fossil fuels as soon as possible. The pollution caused by all this flying around is enormous.

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