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WALMARTIANS mid October 2017 …


Have been saving images of shoppers at Walmart for years now. Sometimes it is too much for a poor Aussie to comprehend. Seeing millions viewed my earlier posts thought I would share some more each month.

WALMARTIANS have been very active again and I should warn you as usual some are explicit and confronting to viewers.

To view a slideshow you only have to click an image and be totally amazed …


Bear disturbing

Please support and visit People of Walmart for more and big thanks contributors to Bear Tales we love the laughs. But most of all thanks for the entertainment WALMARTIANS our life would be totally boring without you. LMAO

Bear is jealous you guys in the USA you have all the fun

“We need WALMARTIANS in Australia”

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Children set alight at nursery school in Brazil …

Bear says what in the hell is happening to this world?

After the atrocity in the USA now we have this …

“Six children and a teacher have died after a security guard at their nursery school sprayed them with alcohol and set them on fire, said emergency services.

Around 50 people were injured, 15 of them seriously, as the blaze ripped through the Innocent People nursery in Janauba, southeastern Brazil.

The nursery school had about 70 pupils and the victims were two girls and four boys, all aged four, according to local media.”

“Seven people have died and dozens of others are hurt, including 15 seriously, in an attack which has horrified the nation.”

Visit source: Children set alight at nursery school in Brazil

Bear just can’t fathom this cruelty to other people and particularly children?

Bear is very sad

Bear disturbing

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Trump says Mexico now wants the wall …


In a personal twit Trump says they now want the wall …


News services are reporting Trump says that if he keeps behaving the way he is Mexico will be convinced that they need the wall and will pay for it.

He said that if he throws some paper towels over the border they will be convinced.


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The world needs to calm it …

Do you think Bear is pissed off?

You are right!

The world needs to calm it!

We could have a few wines as well as a few hugs

Do you like the smile on Bear’s face?

Show them to me please

and there will be world peace.

Bear can guarantee this!

Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in Texas, could be ‘on par with Katrina’ …

“The menacing Hurricane Harvey has made landfall in Texas as a category four storm with winds of up to 210 kilometres per hour, making it the most powerful storm in over a decade to hit the mainland United States.

The hurricane made a second landfall at about 1:00am local time (4:00pm AEST) near the shore of Copano Bay, north-east of Corpus Christi, and was downgraded to a category three, the National Weather Service said.

It gradually weakened over the next several hours and the National Hurricane Center said by 3:00am local time Harvey was back to a category two, sustaining winds of 185 kilometres per hour.”

The most powerful storm to hit the mainland United States in more than a decade makes landfall in Texas.

PHOTO: A power generator tips in front of Texas’ CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi. (AP: Courtney Sacco)

Source: Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in Texas, could be ‘on par with Katrina’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Aussie feels for you USA

These are the countries with the most positive influence on the world …

Do I need to say anything …

“The United States’ positive influence on the world is declining at a faster rate than any other country, according to a new study by Ipsos MORI.

The international research organisation surveyed 18,055 adults from 25 countries. It asked them which nations and international organisations (including the EU and UN) they perceived as having the most positive influence on the world, and the results are eye-opening.”

Source: These are the countries with the most positive influence on the world | Business Insider

It is going to happen with North Korea it’s WAR …

The USA has already made the decision if North Korea fires another nuclear missile they will be at WAR.

The whole trouble it is in Bear’s part of the world!

The USA will firstly try to shoot down the missile. Secondly they will try to take out Kim Jong Un with bunker penetrating missiles from the war ships as well as taking out missile sites. These will be non nuclear weapons but if all fails they will nuc him.

Trump is backed into a corner and won’t back down. China needs to step in seriously.

Just bear a thought for all the civilian casualties who are innocent and just been conned.

It is going to happen Aussie press is already publishing about our involvement. The Aussie PM has already said today we will be fully in that means even more warships submarines and more. Will we invade?

Read: North Korea is going to launch another missile at Aussie …