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These are the countries with the most positive influence on the world …

Do I need to say anything …

“The United States’ positive influence on the world is declining at a faster rate than any other country, according to a new study by Ipsos MORI.

The international research organisation surveyed 18,055 adults from 25 countries. It asked them which nations and international organisations (including the EU and UN) they perceived as having the most positive influence on the world, and the results are eye-opening.”

Source: These are the countries with the most positive influence on the world | Business Insider


It is going to happen with North Korea it’s WAR …

The USA has already made the decision if North Korea fires another nuclear missile they will be at WAR.

The whole trouble it is in Bear’s part of the world!

The USA will firstly try to shoot down the missile. Secondly they will try to take out Kim Jong Un with bunker penetrating missiles from the war ships as well as taking out missile sites. These will be non nuclear weapons but if all fails they will nuc him.

Trump is backed into a corner and won’t back down. China needs to step in seriously.

Just bear a thought for all the civilian casualties who are innocent and just been conned.

It is going to happen Aussie press is already publishing about our involvement. The Aussie PM has already said today we will be fully in that means even more warships submarines and more. Will we invade?

Read: North Korea is going to launch another missile at Aussie …

Modern Technological Warfare …

This something to consider shared by Bear Tales follower John B

“Should test run it at Kim Jong Un ………..North Korea would love it!!”

I found the original YouTube video and this is it not the pirated one in the email …

“Israel latest technology 2015 the best military in the world IDF SUBSCRIBE to see more of Israel and there technology.”

Thanks John for sharing.

North Korea is going to launch another missile at Aussie …

Don’t worry the USA will launch all it’s nucs in retaliation!

This Trump idiot is kidding right?

Read this: Donald Trump says US’ nuclear arsenal is ‘more powerful than ever’ amid threats to North Korea.

What a joke do you run a country by social media?

I don’t think so.

Please read this: Even a ‘limited’ nuclear war could trigger cruel nuclear winters and global famine

Now we are going to have a hair war …

He looks better …

I am sorry USA this is a joke and Bear is thoroughly sick of the media reporting every day on this joke of a person. He is not going to make USA great again ever.

Just consider …


Is that so hard to understand? Go to all your discount stores buying overseas products and you do yourself out of a job. Also you destroy USA economy. Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also applies to Aussie!

First Somali-Muslim Police Officer in Minnesota MURDERS Blonde Girl in COLD BLOOD …

You Won’t Believe DISGUSTING Reason Why… ⋆ Silence is Consent

Bear is expressing no opinion until more is known.

All I know is that all of Aussie is extremely pissed off and so sad.

“The first Muslim Police Officer in Minnesota has killed an innocent blonde yoga teacher in COLD BLOOD. You will not believe his disgusting reasoning.”

“His reasoning, was that he was “spooked,” despite there being two police officers in the car, and her being in her pajamas. Many are furious, and some have outright attacked him, claiming that he’s a murderer, and a sorry excuse for a police officer. Aren’t they trained to NOT shoot unarmed women in their pajamas?”

“According to The Minneapolis Star Tribune, she walked up to the police car to speak with them about the potential crime that had been committed. Then, out of nowhere, Mohamed Noor pulled out his gun and shot her dead.”

This is one opinion please read …

Source: First Somali-Muslim Police Officer in Minnesota MURDERS Blonde Girl in COLD BLOOD – You Won’t Believe DISGUSTING Reason Why… ⋆ Silence is Consent


“And all the while there was silence from the city’s police chief, with her deputy left to take the heat as the face of the city’s police department.”

“When Ms Harteau finally addressed media on Friday (Australian time), she explained she was “backpacking in the mountains” at the time of the shooting “and it made it very challenging to return”.”

“Many spoke out on social media, with Ms Harteau’s statement on Facebook attracting calls for her to resign.” from  …

Justine Damond: Minneapolis police chief Janee Harteau in eye of storm over Australian’s shooting

If she thinks there are problems now wait till the Aussie Government and people start!

See:  Justine Damond: Malcolm Turnbull demands answers over ‘inexplicable’ shooting

Maybe Trump can give an explanation why police in the USA are so gun happy?

Australian Gun Laws work …

Justice Minister Michael Keenan Announces First Gun Amnesty Since Port Arthur …

“Australia’s first major gun amnesty since the one following the Port Arthur massacre of 1996 is aiming to keep guns out of terrorists’ hands.

Police believe the number of illicit guns in Australia is in the order of 260,000.

In announcing the new amnesty — which will run for three months from July 1 — Justice Minister Michael Keenan said it was an attempt to stop dangerous weapons falling into “the wrong hands”.”

Experts are quoting that 85% of guns used in criminal activities come from stolen legally registered guns.


“The amnesty is an opportunity for people to present the guns to authorities with no questions asked, Minister Keenan said.

“It might be a family heirloom, it could be the family member who owned it has died for example and the family just doesn’t know what to do with it,” he said on Friday.

“If people don’t take that opportunity, the penalties for owning an unregistered or illegal gun in Australia are very severe.”

People caught with unregistered firearms outside of the amnesty period could face fines of up to $280,000 or a jail sentence of up to 14 years.

Source: Justice Minister Michael Keenan Announces First Gun Amnesty Since Port Arthur 

We do this instead of shooting people

Freedom is being able to go out without even thinking you will have some crazy going to shoot you. The USA has not got this freedom.