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Today I had the best steak burger in the world …

Sorry didn’t take a picture.


Everything is organic LOL like the old days. We went to Allora in the Darling Downs Qld Australia.


Here we produce some of the world’s best beef cattle. Exported chilled direct to China by plane commanding very high prices.

The burger was …

  • a real bread roll baked in a country bakery local
  • real lettuce (not weed leaves) grown locally
  • real tomato grown locally
  • the most exquisite piece of fillet Wagyu beef fillet steak that melts in your mouth from a local farm. Obviously not ever frozen.

add BBQ sauce if you prefer I did.

I totally enjoyed it was exquisite.

Unfortunately young people don’t know what a real steak burger is! Leaves the fast food takeaways for dead. Eat real Aussie beef not minced up crap.

The only thing missing was beetroot.

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