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We have bush fires …

Just look at the haze out the back paddock …


The haze and smoke smell is really strong. We haven’t had any warnings yet.

Funny the roos have disappeared even my pet and her joeys.


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Wildflowers are out – back paddock 10 November 2018 …


Balmy afternoon with wildflowers I like …


Balmy Stanthorpe mountain afternoon with wildflowers

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Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery – Art Competition …


Stanthorpe QLD Australia has a very active art community.

This is a few pics from our visit today to the 2018 Art Competition …

This is my favorite …


but they wanted $5000 for them and I don’t think it is worth anything like that! Oh well unfortunately I have a place in my study where it would look great.

Do you enjoy art?

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The roos keep visiting me …


They are getting very friendly!

Seem to be intrigued with me working around the property

Just need a cuddle G 17 01 18.png


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Stanthorpe and Granite Belt QLD Australia …

Our Autumn …


From: Stanthorpe & Granite Belt Visitor Information Centre

Spectacular place and Bear’s home

Have a good day Bear

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Do you like my backyard …

Just an amazing afternoon after all the thunderstorms of the previous days.

My backyard …


The back paddock looking towards NSW border …


I love living here space to move just so quiet. Love the wildflowers at this time of year I could clean things up a bit!

and I have a few friends who visit occasionally …




Do you like my backyard?

Taken with my phone but you get the idea. I get artists coming down painting the ranges regularly so my amature photos don’t do it justice.

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After the rain …

My backyard in Stanthorpe QLD Australia …

Do you like my backyard? Unfortunately the roos were not around.

“Stanthorpe is a town situated in south east QueenslandAustralia. The town lies on the New England Highway near the New South Wales border 223 kilometres (139 mi) from Brisbane via Warwick, 56 kilometres (35 mi) north of Tenterfield and 811 m above sea level. The area surrounding the town is known as the Granite Belt. At the 2011 census, Stanthorpe had a population of 5385.”

Coat of arms Stanthorpe Post Office

“The Post Office with a clock tower and an elaborate coat of arms was constructed in Maryland Street in 1901 in the Arts and Crafts style. Following Federation, the Commonwealth Government took charge of post and telegraphic services. However, they contracted the construction of post offices in Queensland to the Public Works Department of the Queensland Government and the Stanthorpe Post Office is believed to be one of the first ordered by the Commonwealth Government. It was designed by the first Commonwealth Government Architect John Smith Murdoch.”

“The subtropical highland climate was very suitable for growing cool climate fruits and vegetables. Grapes were first planted here in the 1860s with encouragement from the local Catholic parish priest Father Jerome Davadi to produce altar wine. His Italian descent made grape growing and wine production a familiar pastime and the notion caught on in the area. There were plenty of Italian settlers and wine was made for home enjoyment.”

Source Wikipedia

Wine and Italian girls suits Bear very well.