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Dolly’s Dream …

Youth suicide is terrible for any reason. If I can contribute in anyway I will and hope you will too.

Please consider!

Her poor parents and sister!


Children set alight at nursery school in Brazil …

Bear says what in the hell is happening to this world?

After the atrocity in the USA now we have this …

“Six children and a teacher have died after a security guard at their nursery school sprayed them with alcohol and set them on fire, said emergency services.

Around 50 people were injured, 15 of them seriously, as the blaze ripped through the Innocent People nursery in Janauba, southeastern Brazil.

The nursery school had about 70 pupils and the victims were two girls and four boys, all aged four, according to local media.”

“Seven people have died and dozens of others are hurt, including 15 seriously, in an attack which has horrified the nation.”

Visit source: Children set alight at nursery school in Brazil

Bear just can’t fathom this cruelty to other people and particularly children?

Bear is very sad

Bear disturbing

Bear free hug

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Don’t watch these car crash videos …


All I am coming across today are car crash videos!

I find it depressing so thought I would share so you could be depressed as well …

Are you depressed yet?

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Bruised woman on this billboard heals as people pay attention to her …

I wanted to share this.


Please visit Bruised woman on this billboard heals as people pay attention to her.

Will you do something about this?

Sad Bear

Sad Bear

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The girls are leaving me …

I don’t know what I did wrong …


what will Bear do now?

Sad Bear

Sad Bear

not really the girls would not leave they are just going to the water hole for a swim …


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Bear is depressed …

My identity thief wants to give it back …


not only that I have gone blank …


Are you laughing at Bear?

Sad Bear

Sad Bear

Bet you are laughing

Bet you are laughing at Bear

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Marital problems …

Unfortunately Bear and his wife have been having a few problems lately with arguments about a rather delicate male problem. She had a suggestion which Bear agreed was the best course of action …


Somehow my wife doesn’t agree and taken exception …


It is getting very ugly unfortunately! Please help!

That's crazy

That’s crazy

Bear is laughing

Bear is laughing

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