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“We can exterminate whole ecosystems without even noticing it.” Sir David Attenborough …

Let’s start thinking smart about our world …


and what are you going to do about climate change?

David Attenborough

im sad

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Bear Tales Test – Bear trying to use the new crap editor …

This is a random post to test the new editor. See what you think about Bear’s first attempts …

Bear is testing the new text editor but it doesn’t copy previous posts format. Sad from the beginning.

Why do I have to select a block? Previously just started typing?

I can’t edit this galley and make it better? The whole thing does not work. So sad performance. Just not good enough when they want outlandish amounts of money to use their site. It might go the way of Stumbleupon and fail. Very easy to do!

My opinion very poor attempt. Why do we need blocks? Slow and frustrating.

It is more about WordPress making money than giving users what they want and need.

I want posts as I am creating them to look like the finished post no more previews enough you have had many years to make it great your effort is very poor.

The computer world these days seems to be about making billions and nothing for consumers.

Do you agree?

I am now going to click “Preview” I should not have to do that my post draft should look what thee post looks like. Do you agree?

Spell checking not working! Can’t change the color of this text

I know that new things are hard and I have done 14.000 posts in the old editors I think there have been 3 but seriously this is hard for me to use.

I can’t work out how to put a widget here?

I am going back to the old editor. Seriously have you tried?

Did you know this! – people went through this for your freedom …


1916 – TRENCH FOOT . Caused by prolonged exposure to damp, wet, unsanitary and cold conditions. We’ve no idea what these men went through!

So you think you have it hard?


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Please buy me a coffee

Like viewing my posts please me buy a coffee.


Do not touch your phone while charging …


Do not touch your phone or anything plugged into it when charging …

Dont use phone while charging

Don’t use phone while charging … could not find the origin of these images.

Looks real to Bear and it is so sad. Possibly happened in the Philippines. Shared on Google + .

Bear disturbing

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Who is polluting the world …


Stop polluting we have only one world.

What do you think of this person’s opinion?

Bear thinks the people who develop a pollution free environment will be the world leaders. Sorry the US Government seems to be going in the wrong direction. The past won’t guarantee the future.


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Just saying about guns …

Do what you want USA but it is sad stuff …


I don’t know whether these figures are true but Bear thinks you are paying a high price to be able to have guns?

crazy dog


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New rule: every time you go out you pick up plastic …

No reaction really we need to clean up our act!

Bear Tales

Let's pick up plastic.jpg

Not only the beach but anywhere! Politicians aren’t going to find a solution they are too dumb. We are the ones to fix the world’s pollution.


Stop using coffee cups and all your takeaway food wrapping etc. it is garbage literally.

Please visit We are not going to pollute are we? …


Obviously we don’t care about future generations do we?

save the world.png

Let this guy have a clean beach!

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