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Springbrook Plateau, Springbrook National Park, Springbrook – Destination Gold Coast …

Pretty Purlingbrook Falls

When I lived on Tamborine Mountain made many visits to this area it was literally just down the road. Amazing area with spectacular scenery.

A gallery of my amatuer pics didn’t have a very good phone those days but worth a look …

Please visit article: Springbrook Plateau, Springbrook National Park, Springbrook – Destination Gold Coast

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Spring in Holland …

Shared by Bear Tales follower Hilary

SPRING..like you’ve never seen it before ! …

Keukenhof – know as the Garden of Europe – is the one of the best places to view the abundance of spring flowers in the South Holland region of the Netherlands

Amsterdam’s flower market – the Bloemenmarkt – reflects the country’s passion for cut flowers and plants

Around seven million bulbs are planted each year in the park at Keukenhof, in an area of 32 hectares

The Bloemenmarkt – set on the capital’s Singel canal and said to be the world’s only floating flower market – has a score of stalls where you can buy all sorts of plants, flowers, bulbs and seeds

The mild climate of Holland, with its wet springs makes it an ideal place for bulb cultivation

Tulips originated in the east and were brought to Holland from the Ottoman Empire in the mid 1500s

In springtime, the lowland area by the North Sea is carpeted with fields of gladioli, hyacinths, lilies, daffodils, crocuses… And, of course, tulips

Keukenhof – literally ‘kitchen garden’ – is part of the hunting grounds of the ancient Teylingen estate

This year, the theme for the Keukenhof exhibition is Germany: Land of Poets and Philosophers

The patchwork quilt of colours in the Keukenhof park, just outside Lisse in South Holland, is a veritable feast for the eyes

The bulbs of Keukenhof are re-planted each year according to the current trends and in collaboration with a number of gardening magazines

Spring in Keukenhof is one of the main tourist attractions of the Netherlands

The best way to appreciate the full glory of the Dutch spring is to hire a bike and cycle one of the tourist routes among the bulb fields

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European roads to drive – Business Insider …

You have to view this …

“A beautiful road trip in Europe is a sure way to break away from the work grind.” …

Please visit source: European roads to drive – Business Insider

The Lake District has finally been recognised by UNESCO …

Bear is trying to work out how to buy a house in the Lake District and keep his property in Aussie …



England’s jewel in the country’s crown and now the whole world will know.

Source: The Lake District has finally been recognised by UNESCO – Travel at 60

Bear will work it out I can assure you!

Rarely seen photographs …

Shared by Bear Tales follower Hilary

Thanks Hilary for sharing. I think I have shared these photos before but it is a classic example of “it is not how you start but how you finish!”

Think about it?

Do you like flowers …

Looking through my archives and found these 35 photos which are incredible.

You only have to click an image and be amazed …

Now that is amazing hope you enjoyed.

Great photos of clouds 11 July 2017 …


I like all great photography but find images of our climate amazing.

Found these on social sites and wanted to share …

Aren’t they great images?