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Funny animals 20 March 2017 …

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I have collected these great images of animals to share with you just because they are funny.

Please click an image to view slide show …

Hope you enjoyed.

My thanks goes to the wonderful photographers who share their great photography with us and with these give us a laugh.


Black lung in Queensland existed when disease was thought to be eradicated …

So you think we should continue coal mining?

You are kidding me right?

“An internationally renowned expert on black lung has told an inquiry the disease was likely continuing to cause the deaths of Queensland coal miners during the decades it was thought to have been eradicated.”

“Black lung was likely continuing to cause the deaths of Queensland coal miners during the decades it was thought to have been eradicated, an expert says.”

Please visit source: Black lung in Queensland existed when disease was thought to be eradicated: expert – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Stop it now and save the climate as well.

I know financially it will be hard be we have to restart our thinking don’t we QLD Government. The countries we export coal to are not burning it on another planet. It is going to add to global warming which is harming the Great Barrier Reef and the climate generally.

The simple financial solution is not the best!

Sad Bear


Great photos of clouds 15 March 2017 …


I like all great photography but find images of our climate amazing.

Found these on social sites and wanted to share …

Aren’t they great images?

A few visitors …

Had a few visitors when I came back from lunch they are getting very tame.

I can almost walk right up to them now …


I follow “bellamoonnature” on YouTube they produce some wonderful videos.


“PIED PEACOCK + PURE WHITE dancing & prancing peacocks in full display. These majestic, elegant birds are ‘nature’s true wonder’ in our amazing, spectacular bird world.

PEAFOWL ☜❤☞ native to the jungles of India and Sri Lanka, have for centuries led a semi – domesticated existence in parks and gardens of the world. Peacocks use their beautiful tail feathers to attract the females (peahens) in breeding season. They actually can seem somewhat vain and proud of how they look to the ‘ladies’. They raise and fan the feathers out, prance and strut while intermittently shaking their wing and tail feathers rapidly which make a loud rustling sound as they pose and show off their striking plumage. Generally the males and females lead separate lives. In the breeding season however, the males are polygamous, and mate with four or five females each breeding season. Although they are ground – living birds, they flap up into trees or other roosting spots off the ground away from predators.
PIED PEACOCK appear like regular india blues, except that they are speckled and splotched with white. Exceptional birds will have white on their backs and in their train. The WHITE PEACOCK is frequently mistaken for an albino, but it is a colour variety on the Indian blue peacock.

Remember to click the settings wheel and select the best resolution that your system will display. Watching full screen is good …

I hope you enjoyed please consider following their YouTube channel. Love their videos they are simply amazing.

Stanthorpe weather …

Stanthorpe is Bear’s home and loves it.

Just sharing a few photos …

An extremely diverse place it is home. Expect anything but you have room to move and great people. A happy place.

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The Earth 4K Extended Edition – NASA Johnson …


“Can’t get enough of Earth? Then this is for you: an extended playback of Ultra High Definition views of Planet Earth, captured by NASA astronaut Jeff Williams during his mission on the International Space Station in 2016. You’ll see the French Riviera and the Sahara Desert, cross North America from Texas all the way to Canada, and more—this is your source for the view of your home planet from 250 miles up!

Don’t forget click the settings wheel and adjust for the best resolution your system will display. Watching in fullscreen is good or better still cast to a large screen …

Hope you enjoyed Bear thinks amazing.

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