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Stop that farting cows you are causing global warming …

Bear is laughing must watch …


California Decides to Regulate Cow Farts in Order to Fight Global Warming | Rare

cows farting

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“If we can reduce emissions of methane, we can really help to slow global warming,” said Ryan McCarthy, a science adviser for the California Air Resources Board, which is drawing up rules to implement the new law.

Livestock are responsible for 14.5 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, with beef and dairy production accounting for the bulk of it, according to a 2013 United Nations report.

Since the passage of its landmark global warming law in 2006, California has been reducing carbon emissions from cars, trucks, homes and factories, while boosting production of renewable energy.

In the nation’s largest milk-producing state, the new law aims to reduce methane emissions from dairies and livestock operations to 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030, McCarthy said. State officials are developing the regulations, which take effect in 2024.”

via California Decides to Regulate Cow Farts in Order to Fight Global Warming | Rare

Bear doesn’t know much about cow farts Bear farts maybe.

Are you laughing? Maybe this is seriously true? To Bear it is excuses for all the pollution humans are causing.


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Cowpat prank …

Must watch funny.

Contributed by Bear Tales follower Brian.

methane gas

What happens when you set fire to the methane gas from a cowpat …

Actually I think someone put a firecracker in there but funny!

We are laughing

We are laughing

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Did dinosaurs fart themselves to death?

Well scientists seem to be researching everything these days. This is amusing if nothing else!

Trying to answer the age old question of what happened to the dinosaurs British scientists calculated that the amount of methane produced by farting dinosaurs would have affected the planet’s atmosphere – and noticeably warmed the climate.

Read the article by TG Daily Did dinosaurs fart themselves to death? | TG Daily. The research appears in Current Biology.

Quoting the scientists “Indeed, our calculations suggest that these dinosaurs could have produced more methane than all modern sources – both natural and man-made – put together.” Makes you think doesn’t it LOL.