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A girl’s eyes are sensual and sexy …


Sexy eyes love it

Bear Tales

I think a girl’s eyes are the gateway to her soul. Love looking into women’s eyes. Please enjoy these images you can click an image to view slideshow  …

This is what I call sexy.

Hope you enjoyed.

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Exploring Warwick QLD Australia …

We went to Warwick QLD Australia today intending to take some photos of the magnificent old 1800s buildings there.


Unfortunately it is too busy of a Saturday and we will go back on a quiet Sunday afternoon when I should be able to get better pictures of those in the main street.

Anyway had a nice roast pork lunch at the RSL club and here is a sample of old buildings taken with my phone. Please click an image …

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Today’s tragedy …


Today's tragety.png

Bear and his friend are making romance (as we always have) while young people are looking at their devices.

Are you young and commit this tragedy. Take it from old Bear the relationship is far better than any device you will ever own.

That's crazy

Hope you had a laugh.

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Do you agree with Oscar Wilde …

Bear has to ask the question because I don’t understand women …

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Please be careful on the roads too many deaths at Christmas …

Bear is concerned about too many many people dying in road accidents over Christmas …

thanks for being careful from Bear

May your Christmas bring you love peace and happiness …

from Bear to everyone my sincere wishes …

thanks from Bear

Every woman can become a prostitute …

Prostitute cartoon

The psychiatrist Raffaele Morelli said that every woman can become a prostitute.

“In every woman there is, increasingly, being able to use seduction to gain an advantage. A person who is prostituted to success after years feels dirty. Every woman can become a prostitute”.


Well girls do you prostitute to get what you want? Do you use seduction? Do you withhold sex to get what you want?

Bear disturbing

this should be an interesting discussion?

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Bear is a good Accountant visit: A prostitute’s tax return