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My meal tonight …


I am a big eater really I am


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Australia remember when …


“Remember playing cricket out in the street or in the laneways with all the other neighbourhood kids back in the day?
Never had a set of stumps so we’d just paint the stumps on to an old 44 gallon drum and the bat had probably seen better days. No cricket ball but the good old tennis ball was just as good.
We’d play outside right up until the street lights started coming on and that was the time to call “stumps” and go inside for tea.”

via – Australia remember when

My Dad would come out with the strap in his hand at 5pm we always had “tea” at that time. All the kids would scatter home.

Bear has a good laugh every time there is an election politicians try to get votes by promising more money for “resources” for schools. Well guys these are the resources we had it was just the desire to learn and the total love of cricket. LOL 🙂

Funny how we made Australia a great place to live without all the “resources”. We had nothing.



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The drug of choice for the lost generations …

Socialism it does not work!

Trials over decades with billions of participants have proven it.


actually it is not a generation but generations that have been mislead and it’s still happening. Nor do societies based on religion work. Actually while I am having a rant there are not too many Republics working well today are they?

That's crazy

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New rule: every time you go out you pick up plastic …

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Not only the beach but anywhere! Politicians aren’t going to find a solution they are too dumb. We are the ones to fix the world’s pollution.


Stop using coffee cups and all your takeaway food wrapping etc. it is garbage literally.

Please visit We are not going to pollute are we? …


Obviously we don’t care about future generations do we?

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Let this guy have a clean beach!

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Sex with the teacher …

Shared by Bear Tales follower Ken J and I wanted to share with you. This post is not what it seems. Hopefully it make you think about a very serious problem!

Bear hopes this made you think?

A true love story …

Shared by Bear Tales follower Ken J and I wanted to share with you.

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True love


Bear hopes you enjoyed tell me what you think?

Happy New Year 2018 …

Bear hopes you enjoyed his blog (2 million this year) and wish me Happy New Year!