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Sometimes water is deeper than you expect it to be …


River crossing at Gibb-River-Road …

I lived in the Kimberley for 10 years and this strikes a chord with me, commonplace driving would you believe?

We are laughing

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Wild Kimberley …

Bear used to live in the Kimberley Western Australia so when I came accross this video I wanted to share. Amazing images should be shared great quality …


“The Kimberley is one of Australia’s remotest regions. It occupies the northern part of Western Australia, stretching from Broome with the Indian Ocean in the west, to Kununurra in the east. Due to the scant population in such a massive land area with close to no light pollution and low humidity, night skies are stunningly clear and crisp. The Kimberley is home to a number of indigenous groups and their stunning ancient rock art galleries or petroglyphs such can be found in various places …”

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This is really so beautiful!

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Hope you enjoyed

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Western Australia – Kimberley …

One of the most remote parts of the world

An amazing place please enjoy the video and watch full screen is good 1080p …

I lived there for 10 years and have been to these places when there were no terrorists no tourists I mean!

Please visit these sites …

Kimberley Wikipedia

Guide to the Kimberley

The Western Australia Kimberley Region – A Travel Guide To Australia’s Last True Wilderness

This area has to be on your bucket list without doubt.


Lived there for 10 years absolutely amazing …

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Best holiday I have ever had was spending 2 weeks travelling up the Gibb River Road and visiting the different Gorges with Rhonda.

It is sensational you must do it?

This is an oil  painting I have of a Boab. At one time I was driving trucks from Derby to Fitzroy Crossing supplying food and this Boab was halfway. A good piss stop!

They were good times.

That’s not a knife – my life in the Kimberley …

Australians know what a knife is …


but Hoges says …


Hoges says I fight crocodiles I know what a knife is …


Paul Hogan you have to love him and the movie was so much fun at the time.

Life in the Kimberley

At the time we were living in the Kimberley at Broome and Derby some of the most remote areas in the world. At the local pubs (hotels) there were characters like the one that Hoges portrayed.

Certainly an interesting time in my life. It is a wonder that I am still alive!

Do you know that when I arrived in the Kimberley 1979 …

  • There was no telephone ( communication was by Royal Flying Doctor radio network)
  • No TV
  • 500 kms of rugged dirt roads anywhere to other towns (Darwin 1650 kms away)
  • People walked around with guns on their hip
  • Cattle Stations in the Kimberley were a million acres
  • It was law that during the wet season when cut off the Government had to make sure that there was  2 large bottles of beer for every person per day, Else fly it in. So hot and humid you got sick if you didn’t drink beer! We drank beer all day! Plus gallons of water!
  • Aboriginals worked for Cattle Stations and were happy and healthy. Until bleeding hearts decided they had to be paid then they moved to Derby and became alcoholics because the Stations couldn’t afford to pay them.
  • Crocodiles were everywhere. Freshwater crocs in rivers and the salties in the bay and they did stalk you. Hence the guns it was self defence.

Many more interesting stories talk to me sometime.

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