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The roos keep visiting me …


They are getting very friendly!

Seem to be intrigued with me working around the property

Just need a cuddle G 17 01 18.png


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Kangaroos with penchant for cool climate wines cost Canberra grower more than $80,000 …

Roo and vines.gif

“Kangaroos with a taste for pinot noir grape vines have torn through a vineyard in the Canberra wine district, costing the owners more than $80,000.

The annual wine-grape harvest is now nearing completion across the region, and most farmers are hailing the overly dry seasonal conditions as ideal for growing quality fruit.” … via Kangaroos with penchant for cool climate wines cost Canberra grower more than $80,000 – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Bear wine

Hope you laughed

Bear disturbing

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Do you like my backyard …

Just an amazing afternoon after all the thunderstorms of the previous days.

My backyard …


The back paddock looking towards NSW border …


I love living here space to move just so quiet. Love the wildflowers at this time of year I could clean things up a bit!

and I have a few friends who visit occasionally …




Do you like my backyard?

Taken with my phone but you get the idea. I get artists coming down painting the ranges regularly so my amature photos don’t do it justice.

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Bear is just hanging around …

bat is laughing

kanger is dismayed

she thinks it is funny

A few visitors …

Had a few visitors when I came back from lunch they are getting very tame.

I can almost walk right up to them now …

Why kangaroos don’t have tits …

Bear always tries to be informative so you have to know this …

12642553_982131818521274_1423838198015124132_n (1)

Aren’t you glad you followed Bear Tales?

We are laughing

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Friendly beach kangaroo …

Must watch incredible.


This can only happen in Australia …


Hope you enjoyed.

Bet you had a laugh

Bet you had a laugh

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