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Do you like my backyard …

Just an amazing afternoon after all the thunderstorms of the previous days.

My backyard …


The back paddock looking towards NSW border …


I love living here space to move just so quiet. Love the wildflowers at this time of year I could clean things up a bit!

and I have a few friends who visit occasionally …




Do you like my backyard?

Taken with my phone but you get the idea. I get artists coming down painting the ranges regularly so my amature photos don’t do it justice.

Smile gif

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Bear is just hanging around …

bat is laughing

kanger is dismayed

she thinks it is funny

A few visitors …

Had a few visitors when I came back from lunch they are getting very tame.

I can almost walk right up to them now …

Why kangaroos don’t have tits …

Bear always tries to be informative so you have to know this …

12642553_982131818521274_1423838198015124132_n (1)

Aren’t you glad you followed Bear Tales?

We are laughing

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Friendly beach kangaroo …

Must watch incredible.


This can only happen in Australia …


Hope you enjoyed.

Bet you had a laugh

Bet you had a laugh

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Visitors to my backyard …

Quite a few young roos came to visit this afternoon. I don’t know where the adults were but the “kids” were being quite bold and came right into the yard …

IMG_20150124_164222 IMG_20150124_164154 IMG_20150124_164329 IMG_20150124_164302 IMG_20150124_164254


Bear is laughing

Bear is laughing

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Queensland Moments: Cute Animal Compilation 2014 …

Great video I am sure you will agree …

“Sooooo cuuuuute! Oh gosh we have some super cute animals that love to show off for the GoPro and iPhone cameras of our travellers. Here are some of the cutest animal clips that have been captured around Queensland.”

Hope you enjoyed I live in a great part of the world!


Bear is laughing

Bear is laughing

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