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The long-awaited death of cash may finally be coming …


Do you want to get rid of notes and coins Bear does!

“The World Bank says digital money — which lets people buy, pay and transfer money from even simple feature phones — can have an even bigger impact on the developing world, encouraging more savings and entrepreneurship. For all those reasons, noncash transactions are rising at a rate of 11 percent yearly, helped along by electronic and mobile payments, according to a report last year from Capgemini and BNP Paribas.”

“Minting and printing money is an expensive proposition, which is one reason countries like Sweden, Norway and Nigeria are actively working to remove cash from circulation. Boosters of that change tout the benefits of reducing fraud, easier budgeting and the ability to quickly pay for stuff from anywhere in the world.

Some companies are doing a good job of persuading people to pay electronically. China’s tech giants Alibaba and Tencent have convinced people to use mobile payments at a rate of trillions of dollars a year.”


Please visit The long-awaited death of cash may finally be coming – CNET for more.

Bear uses paywave with the card all the time. I still keep a small amount in notes in my wallet which will not need to be replaced for months sometimes. Never use coins anymore. I like the idea of using my phone for payments as I have not only physical security but need to use fingerprint as well for security.

My bank has no branch in my town and have not been to a branch in years. Thank you electronic banking.

My one bitch is I understand the Government in Aussie gets $0.15 tax on every electronic transaction. THIS IS TOO MUCH. Reform in this area is needed from both State and Federal Governments.

After you have read the article tell me how you feel?

Have a good day Bear

PS: Bear achieved a milestone this week. The last of my paper files has been scanned and stored in the cloud (OneDrive). With great relish I took the old wooden filing cabinets down the back and burnt them. Taken 10 years but now I have a cleaner office and a very efficient filing system with OneNote. Thank you Microsoft it works great. I can even scan the rare paper document received with Office Lens on my Pixel 2 mobile and store it.


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Everyone hates talking to humans on the phone right …

Let Google AI handle it for you …


Bear thinks this is really getting crazy your machine will be talking to their machine next! Says Bear who has a Pixel 2 and uses voice commands all the time.

Bear disturbing

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The Pentagon is close to awarding a $10 billion deal to Amazon despite Trump’s tweets attacking the company …

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Picture BlueOrigin.com

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Picture BlueOrigin.com

The Pentagon is close to awarding a $10 billion deal to Amazon despite Trump’s tweets attacking the company

  • The Pentagon is close to awarding a cloud services contract worth as much as $US10 billion with Amazon, according to a source with knowledge of the deal.
  • “I can’t imagine any possible way that the deal could be stopped,” this person said.
  • Trump has been attacking Amazon on Twitter and he dined Tuesday with the chief executive of Oracle, which is competing against Amazon for the Pentagon contract.
  • But the White House said Wednesday that Trump is not involved in the contract bidding process.

via The Pentagon is close to awarding a $10 billion deal to Amazon despite Trump’s tweets attacking the company | Business Insider


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The world loves me …

The world loves me

They need to as a result of all the images that I share I needed to go on a WordPress Business Plan I have used the 13GB allowed on the Premium Plan which last year cost $99/year. After my whinging and discounts it has cost me $250 for next year. This gives me unlimited storage for media files to share with you.

Admittedly I get some money from WordAds, the returns from this have reduced significantly. Google is getting too greedy I think.

But it is starting me thinking is it all worth it.

I started Bear Tales many years ago when I was a young bloke LOL ;). I had many friends on different social sites so I could post on Bear Tales and share to all of them in one go. No need to do individual posts on other blogs like FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ etc.. I didn’t intend for it to be commercial just sharing with friends and a bit of fun!

Bear Tales is approaching 12,000 posts. There are 10s millions of views with the best post recording almost 14 mil views. So I must be doing something right?

Now WordPress is becoming expensive and their “happiness engineers” are not so helpful nor happy. cartoon_businessman_or_entrepreneur_holding_a_giant_dollar_bill_0521-1011-0416-3143_SMU

The almighty dollar prevails!

I have spent the money taken the plan and told them things need to improve otherwise it is the last year.

Please donate cost of WordPress …

Retired now need to cover cost of WordPress.


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Google doesn’t want Bear Tales …

Google thinks Bear Tales posts don’t comply with their regulations about websites that their ads appear on!

Bear doesn’t think there is anything wrong with his posts!

Statistics …

All time stats.JPG

First countries.JPG

best post 15,000,000 views!

Just a few people have viewed my posts. Not one complaint other than Google?

This is the email I have received from WordAds …


This is a warning message to alert you that there is action required to bring your AdSense account into compliance with our AdSense program policies. We’ve provided additional details below, along with the actions to be taken on your part.

Affected website: beartales.me

Example page where violation occurred: https://beartales.me/2015/04/14/my-naked-body/

Action required: Please make changes immediately to your site to follow AdSense program policies.

Current account status: Active

Violation explanation

As stated in our program policies, we may not show Google ads on pages with content that is sexually suggestive or intended to sexually arouse. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • pornographic images, videos, or games
  • sexually gratifying text, images, audio, or video

How to resolve:

  • If you received a notification in regard to page content, we request that you immediately remove Google ads from the violating pages. If you are unable to, or unsure of how to remove the ads from these pages, or would like to continue monetizing the page with Google ads, please modify or remove the violating content to meet our AdSense policies.
  • If you received a notification in regards to the way ads are implemented on your site, please make the necessary changes to your implementation.

You do not need to contact us if you make changes. Please be aware that if additional violations are accrued, ad serving may be disabled to the website listed above. You should immediately take time to review your pages with Google ads to ensure that they comply with our policies.

Additionally, please be aware that the URL above is just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website or other sites that you own. To reduce the likelihood of future warnings from us, we suggest that you review all your sites for compliance. Here are some useful resources you might be interested in.

For more information regarding our policy warning notifications, visit our Help Center.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team”

I have ads on Bear Tales since WordAds started. I didn’t start Bear Tales to make money but the little money helps to cover computer costs. I am now retired or tired whatever it helps!

The post that Google doesn’t like was shared by a Bear Tales female follower from Canada 3 years ago and I don’t consider it anything other than funny judge for yourself My naked body. I consider it to comply and if you want to read 100 pages of crap be my guest. I started Bear Tales to share funny things not to be a Solicitor, Google. It is supposed to be fun!


Angry Bear.jpg

If you think Bear Tales is inappropriate let me know?

I want to continue posting as I have been but if it is a hassle and inappropriate it will be closed for good?

Bear hug 3.png

This is inappropriate according to Google

Bear disturbing.jpg

I don’t think I am offending anyone and if I was, people would have told me by now. The site is not for kids but us older kids need to have a site to post?

Over 11,000 posts over 6 years what do you think?

I don’t want to deal with Google anymore.

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Chinese scientists teleport object into Earth’s orbit for first time …

“The work is an essential step toward establishing a global-scale quantum internet.”

Bear thinks this is a big deal …

Source: Chinese scientists teleport object into Earth’s orbit for first time – Business Insider


“Researchers in China have taken the process a few steps further: They successfully teleported a photon from Earth to a satellite orbiting more than 311 miles away.

The satellite, called Micius, is a highly sensitive photo receiver capable of detecting the quantum states of single photons fired from the ground. Micius was launched to allow scientists to test various technological building blocks for quantum feats including entanglement, cryptography, and teleportation.”

Don’t state your opinion on the internet …


They will get you!

Bear disturbing

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