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One of the biggest trains in Australia’s history helping in the drought…


People in the city don’t realise how serious this is. Maybe when you don’t have food you might pay attention. I guess you’ll just import it after all you live in a city and it is just there isn’t  …


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You don’t know do you? You live in a city you have paved roads and services everything is organised.

Sorry to disappoint you are not thinking of Australia.

What you forget is that it is that rural is the engine room of Aussie. You will not enjoy the life you lead if didn’t exist. Spare a thought?

Find out buy Aussie

Barnaby needs to get off the nest and help us because he can.

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The world is running out of water and it’s Australia’s fault …



Bear is concerned that he wasn’t concerned about this …

What do you think? Was Bear wrong not being concerned about this?

Maybe you should be concerned.

What will we drink?

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Bear thinks it is funny.

We all should be concerned about the crap the media tries to feed us.

Please comment.

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A flock of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos …


Hanging close to a small flock of sheep for water and whatever feed they can forage.

Below the Wollemi, this week 11 08 18

Below the Wollemi, this week 11 08 18

Wollemi Wilderness, New South Wales, Australia

Wollemi Wilderness, New South Wales, Australia

This is getting desperate!

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There is no climate change is there? …

It is going to be -4 tonight in Stanthorpe and still no rain for four years!


the frost will kill any green growth no feed nothing! Hand feed livestock and cart water while it lasts.

What are you guys in the city going to eat?

But you will be able to have a coffee in a disposable cup in the morning at the cafe and say there isn’t any climate change is there?


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