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Are you against the status quo …

Will you employ someone who looks like this? …

Bear has always been a rebel and been against the the status quo.

The CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world do rebel the suit and tie standard.

Do you comply with culture standards?

Actually I don’t think think this guy is enhancing his cultural attractive appearance.

Tell us what you think?

Makes you think


Terracotta lekythos (oil flask) …

This is 2400 years old can you comprehend that?

“This lekythos has an unusually large shape is subdivided into three zones, each with a mythological subject. The middle zone features Thetis and her sister Nereids bringing armor to replace the set that Achilles had given Patroklos. The lower zone depicts Theseus and Hippolyte in combat among Greeks and Amazons. The uppermost scene has been interpreted as the abduction of Persephone but more likely shows a god (or goddess) departing on a mission of divine intervention.” http://met.org/2mMVO99

Featured Artwork of the Day: Attributed to the Eretria Painter | Terracotta lekythos (oil flask) | ca. 420 B.C. | Greek, Attic.

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Mirza Ali Asghar Khan by Ismail Jalayir circa 1880 …

 Amazing wish I could be there to bid!

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Australia on a plate …


You have to love Australia and Queensland …


We are laughing

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Man Does Amazing Skating Tricks – On His Hands …


Yes had to share never seen anything like this before …

That is …

are you amazed?

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Kaya’s belly dance …


Had to share thought you needed to see something exotic …

That is …


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BBC Travel – Get lost in Japan’s ancient samurai town …

I practiced bonsai and always have had an interest in the culture of Japan.

Thought this was an interesting article and wanted to share.

“Kanazawa’s narrow, winding streets confound visitors, just as they confused intruders centuries ago.”


Please visit source: BBC – Travel – Get lost in Japan’s ancient samurai town for what I think is a great article.


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