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Stanthorpe – smoke from fires at Wallangarra 15 February 2019 …


The fires at Wallangarra with the SE winds made the smoke at my place Stanthorpe very thick …


Smoke at Stanthorpe 15 02 19

The light was a dark amber and the sun was most unusual through the haze …


The sun through the smoke haze Stanthorpe 3.00pm 15 02 19

The red sun as it sets …

IMG_20190215_181702 (2)

The red sun as it sets 15 02 19

Thankfully the air has cleared somewhat it was so thick with smoke early afternoon I was thinking of leaving.

Bear disturbing

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We need mobile water dropping aircraft urgently …

Please listen to me instead of spending billions on submarines to guard against countries who will never invade us anyway let us spend it on a fleet of mobile water dropping aircraft. There has to be priorities please. 🤔 We need a fleet of Federally funded aircraft that can be despatched to large fires immediately anywhere in any State. Is this hard to work out not to Bear it isn’t!

Firefighting Aircraft


They will not be having such a great Aussie Day will they politicians? Is it hard to work out really?

Instead of politicaning for your party how about doing something for Aussie

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We have bush fires …

Just look at the haze out the back paddock …


The haze and smoke smell is really strong. We haven’t had any warnings yet.

Funny the roos have disappeared even my pet and her joeys.


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Bush fire at my place …

Big fire at the back of my place starting to get scary.


It is closer than this shows! Amazing feriousity of the flames!

Vevencia is at the unit in town I might evacuate. 😝

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