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Quote for the day Tuesday 24 January 2017 …

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Quote for the day Monday 23 January 2017 …

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Barack Obama …

Good move

Source: Barack Obama’s First Move After His Presidency Has Been Announced – TheLADbible

I make no apologies for liking this guy. He made the USA likeable again. I think he genuinely cares for people.

This video says it all …

This was shared by a friend in the USA …


This is sad.

I come from Australia it won’t affect me I just am feeling for my friends in the USA. My wife said to me today there may be some good come of this. I said yes people may realise people the importance of voting. This is a new world of global community see here …


Millions protest

Anyway Bear has put his opinion you are welcome to comment. I hope America is great again but it will depend on the people not the President.

Bear opinion: If we all continue to buy cheap goods from other countries rather than well made long lasting locally made products our economies will suffer (that means Australia as well). It is the people who will fix this not a President.

You fix things by your purchasing habits.

Submit your ideas: Obama Web

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ABC Open: Your best pictures from around Australia this week …

This is where I live you have to love Aussie …

Our Pic of the Week subject is William. Known around Warwick in Queensland as ‘Wild Will’, he has been a stockman for most of his life and has broken his leg five times. He was also an extra in the film ‘Australia’.

Here is a selection of photos sent in by ABC Open audience members from around Australia.

Source: ABC Open: Your best pictures from around Australia this week – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Hope you enjoyed visit sometime.

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Bear’s really really sexy girls 22 January 2017 …

Bear wanted to share with you some really really sexy girls with their clothes on …

Well dressed and groomed girls are just so sexy to Bear.

but Bear likes this girl …

she looks so much like my wife did at 25 and she is still beautiful

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Funny signs 22 January 2017 …


You will get a laugh from these funny signs

Please click an image to view slideshow …

Hope you had to have a laugh  🙂  LOL

We are laughing

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Donald Trump: Millions march at protests against new US President …

You just can’t ignore this so many people across the world everybody needs to take notice …

“Millions of people from all over the world march at more than 600 demonstrations in 60 countries to express concern over new US President, Donald Trump.”

Source: Donald Trump: Millions march at protests against new US President – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

So much following from all over the world things are going to get interesting.


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