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Negative charge: why is Australia so slow at adopting electric cars …


“In the race to adopt electric vehicles, Australia is sputtering along in the slow lane.

Rather than growing, Australian sales of electric cars are actually in decline. In 2016 they represented just 0.02 per cent of new car sales — even lower than in 2013.

Contrast that with Norway, the country with the highest levels of electric car adoption. Almost 30 per cent of new cars sold there in 2016 were electric.”

Come on Aussie we need to do better please read full article at: Negative charge: why is Australia so slow at adopting electric cars? ABC News

“China recently announced that it is working towards a timetable to end production and sales of internal combustion engine vehicles. It’s a good example, which Australia would be wise to follow.

This will be critical if we are to reduce transport-related emissions, toxic air pollution and noise, and improve our fuel security in the face of increasingly unstable geopolitical circumstances and our growing dependence on imported fuel.”

This has been on Bear’s mind for many years now. My current car is a 2002 Subaru Forester. I promised myself when buying the economical 4 cylinder car 15 years ago that my next car would be as non polluting as possible. I am still waiting.

The Australian Government needs to do something dramatic soon.

What do you think?

Bear disturbing

(Don’t get me wrong the Forester is still very comfortable and the most economical car I have ever owned! Several guys at the place I get it serviced have similar Foresters so that says something. I get approached regularly to sell it because of the mint condition. So I guess I have been very non polluting by keeping it for such a long time?)

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Do you like my backyard …

Just an amazing afternoon after all the thunderstorms of the previous days.

My backyard …


The back paddock looking towards NSW border …


I love living here space to move just so quiet. Love the wildflowers at this time of year I could clean things up a bit!

and I have a few friends who visit occasionally …




Do you like my backyard?

Taken with my phone but you get the idea. I get artists coming down painting the ranges regularly so my amature photos don’t do it justice.

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Happy Halloween …

Snuggles and Logan would like to wish you a happy ! (Photo: in )


Halloween is not big on my calendar but wishing my friends in the USA great celebrations.

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Wild Kimberley …

Bear used to live in the Kimberley Western Australia so when I came accross this video I wanted to share. Amazing images should be shared great quality …


“The Kimberley is one of Australia’s remotest regions. It occupies the northern part of Western Australia, stretching from Broome with the Indian Ocean in the west, to Kununurra in the east. Due to the scant population in such a massive land area with close to no light pollution and low humidity, night skies are stunningly clear and crisp. The Kimberley is home to a number of indigenous groups and their stunning ancient rock art galleries or petroglyphs such can be found in various places …”

Don’t forget to click on the settings wheel and select the best resolution that your system will display. Full screen viewing is good!

This is really so beautiful!

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Hope you enjoyed

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Queensland’s best wineries and cellar doors …


Feel like visiting some great wineries

“Wine time is anytime, in all honesty. But Queensland’s wine time to shine is right this minute.

The sunshine state is having its moment in the sun when it comes to all things vino, and there are wineries galore gaining good ground on the ‘Old Boys’ of the Australian wine scene. (Ahem… we’re looking at you Barossa and the Hunter Valley). And while the huge variety of wines available in Queensland is nothing short of impressive, the once-underdog wine scene is stepping up to the cheese platter in a serious way.

From the Granite Belt’s stalwarts and alternative varietal champions to boutique, family-run operations and tropical fruit wine with the most unexpected of terroirs, there’s no stopping a Queensland grape on the rise.

Wine drinkers, rejoice! The Queensland wine golden age is here for good.”

Read more at Queensland Blog.

These images should tantalise your taste buds …

What’s your favourite winery in Queensland?

Bear’s is just down the road from his place:

Symphony Hill

“Another Granite Belt MVP, Symphony Hill is a James Halliday mainstay, earning the 5-star rating three years in a row (‘15, ‘14 and ‘13) and picking up plenty of other credit and awards for their well-made drop in their 14 years of operation.

Their signature red, the Reserve Shiraz, is even fit for royalty: it was served to Wills and Kate when the couple came to Brisbane in 2014.”

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How Tamworth beat the big smoke and became the first city of light in Australia …

This is interesting, a lot here I did not know …

“The first city in Australia to use electric street lights wasn’t Sydney or Melbourne — it was Tamworth on November 9, 1888. And it all unfolded in a very Aussie kind of way.”




untitled.png 2.png


Please visit this at ABC News for the full story you will enjoy.




Dash Cam Owners Australia October 2017 On the Road Compilation …

I am addicted to car crash videos and wanted to share this.

Just watch these idiots (being Australia there is some strong language) …

Please visit Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook and Dash Cam Owners Australia YouTube for more videos.

Please be safe on the road too many deaths already.

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