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We need mobile water dropping aircraft urgently …

Please listen to me instead of spending billions on submarines to guard against countries who will never invade us anyway let us spend it on a fleet of mobile water dropping aircraft. There has to be priorities please. 🤔 We need a fleet of Federally funded aircraft that can be despatched to large fires immediately anywhere in any State. Is this hard to work out not to Bear it isn’t!

Firefighting Aircraft


They will not be having such a great Aussie Day will they politicians? Is it hard to work out really?

Instead of politicaning for your party how about doing something for Aussie

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5 Most Secret Military Aircraft …

Contributed by an anonymous Bear Tales follower …

Didn’t you know ???



God I have to tell you guys everything! LMAO


That's crazy

That’s crazy


Bear is laughing

Bear is laughing