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Today’s tragedy …


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Bear and his friend are making romance (as we always have) while young people are looking at their devices.

Are you young and commit this tragedy. Take it from old Bear the relationship is far better than any device you will ever own.

That's crazy

Hope you had a laugh.

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Everyone hates talking to humans on the phone right …

Let Google AI handle it for you …


Bear thinks this is really getting crazy your machine will be talking to their machine next! Says Bear who has a Pixel 2 and uses voice commands all the time.

Bear disturbing

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‘Interactive’ sex doll breaks down after huge number customers try it out at Austrian electronics fair …


Broken: Samantha the Sex Robot has been sent for repair, after overexcited visitors at the Arts Electronica Festival in Linz, pictured, left the robot ‘heavily soiled’ and with broken limbs.

  • Samantha is a £3,375 robot that was on display at a festival in Austria
  • The interactive sex doll reacts to touch and responds when spoken to
  • Overexcited visitors at the fair left robot ‘heavily soiled’ with broken limbs
  • Creators say the visitors at the fair treated the doll ‘like barbarians’

Testing, testing: Samantha’s designer Sergi Santos said visitors at the fair had treated the robot ‘like barbarians’


A growing number of brothels in Austria, where prostitution is legal and regulated, are adding sex robots to their roster

Please visit story via Sex doll breaks down after huge number punters try it out | Daily Mail Online.



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New rule: every time you go out you pick up plastic …

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Not only the beach but anywhere! Politicians aren’t going to find a solution they are too dumb. We are the ones to fix the world’s pollution.


Stop using coffee cups and all your takeaway food wrapping etc. it is garbage literally.

Please visit We are not going to pollute are we? …


Obviously we don’t care about future generations do we?

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Let this guy have a clean beach!

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The Pentagon is close to awarding a $10 billion deal to Amazon despite Trump’s tweets attacking the company …

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Picture

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Picture

The Pentagon is close to awarding a $10 billion deal to Amazon despite Trump’s tweets attacking the company

  • The Pentagon is close to awarding a cloud services contract worth as much as $US10 billion with Amazon, according to a source with knowledge of the deal.
  • “I can’t imagine any possible way that the deal could be stopped,” this person said.
  • Trump has been attacking Amazon on Twitter and he dined Tuesday with the chief executive of Oracle, which is competing against Amazon for the Pentagon contract.
  • But the White House said Wednesday that Trump is not involved in the contract bidding process.

via The Pentagon is close to awarding a $10 billion deal to Amazon despite Trump’s tweets attacking the company | Business Insider


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Google matches 100 percent of its power consumption with renewables …


“When you look at the number of datacenters the hyperscale companies are developing worldwide, it can be a little frightening from an energy usage standpoint, but Google announced today that it acquired enough renewable energy to match 100 percent of its power consumption in 2017. That’s good news, but it’s not as good as using 100 percent renewable energy.

The distinction is important. Think of this kind of purchase like a carbon offset. For every bit of polluting energy, they buy a corresponding bit of renewables. It’s not ideal, but it’s a step in the right direction.” …

via Google matches 100 percent of its power consumption with renewables | TechCrunch

Bear is smiling

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The world loves me …

The world loves me

They need to as a result of all the images that I share I needed to go on a WordPress Business Plan I have used the 13GB allowed on the Premium Plan which last year cost $99/year. After my whinging and discounts it has cost me $250 for next year. This gives me unlimited storage for media files to share with you.

Admittedly I get some money from WordAds, the returns from this have reduced significantly. Google is getting too greedy I think.

But it is starting me thinking is it all worth it.

I started Bear Tales many years ago when I was a young bloke LOL ;). I had many friends on different social sites so I could post on Bear Tales and share to all of them in one go. No need to do individual posts on other blogs like FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ etc.. I didn’t intend for it to be commercial just sharing with friends and a bit of fun!

Bear Tales is approaching 12,000 posts. There are 10s millions of views with the best post recording almost 14 mil views. So I must be doing something right?

Now WordPress is becoming expensive and their “happiness engineers” are not so helpful nor happy. cartoon_businessman_or_entrepreneur_holding_a_giant_dollar_bill_0521-1011-0416-3143_SMU

The almighty dollar prevails!

I have spent the money taken the plan and told them things need to improve otherwise it is the last year.

Please donate cost of WordPress …

Retired now need to cover cost of WordPress.


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