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Our education system …

Everybody is attacking teachers “WRONG“.


You have to want to learn. Treat teachers as tutors to explain what you don’t understand!


If you sit back and wait to be taught you will learn nothing seriously.

It always amazes me that it is the trend in Aussie for school leavers (year 12) to have schoolies. Unfortunately for them that is just the start of learning and you continue to learn all your life. Just wait till you get to University or a job.

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Have you lost with fraud ???


Sorry don’t get conned.

“Criminals have pilfered a total of £503.4 million from the clients of British banking institutions during the first half of 2018, according to a new report from UK Finance. The organization revealed that £145 million was stolen from bank account holders through authorized push payment (APP) frauds, where individuals are conned into sending money to another bank account. Also, this type of fraud leaves customers with no option for recovering their funds.

The remaining £358 million was reportedly lost to other forms of unauthorized scams, including transactions created without the account holder’s knowledge, though they can still regain their lost money. Among all forms of APP scams, purchase scams through which people are duped into spending money on goods and services which do not really exist are the most prevalent, comprising 63% of all instances, during the first six months of 2018, according to UK Finance.” Neowin


“These criminals are said to be using the funds they have stolen from multiple bank accounts to fund terrorism and drug trafficking activities. While industry claims that it is trying to address these problems, those efforts are seen to be insufficient as scammers continue to victimize many people.”

It is in Aussie to!

What Bear does …

  • account that Bear makes purchases from only has sufficient balance to cover purchase
  • never give out you bank details
  • always uses PayPal if possible
  • use Ebay if possible
  • Amazon has not been the cheapest in Aussie (freight)
  • I have a Visa card and use for purchases but don’t let them save details?
  • check bank and Visa details regularly
  • runs security software on my computer and phone (MalwareBytes)

What do you do?

You have to look after yourself got it? You have to be financially aware enough not to be financially conned because no Government can protect you, impossible for any Government.



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PS: I want to add that the Aussie Police both Federal and the Border Force are extremely capable and do catch them.

Watch the World’s Largest Jet Come in For a Landing …



That’s impressive

I hope you enjoyed.


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What if every computer in the world crashed? Would you cope?

Bear would survive he designed paper based business systems then the beginning of computers then computer based systems that are still working today!

37853249_1907894492606170_974228063111872512_n (1)

I would survive and be laughing


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Do not touch your phone while charging …


Do not touch your phone or anything plugged into it when charging …

Dont use phone while charging

Don’t use phone while charging … could not find the origin of these images.

Looks real to Bear and it is so sad. Possibly happened in the Philippines. Shared on Google + .

Bear disturbing

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The long-awaited death of cash may finally be coming …


Do you want to get rid of notes and coins Bear does!

“The World Bank says digital money — which lets people buy, pay and transfer money from even simple feature phones — can have an even bigger impact on the developing world, encouraging more savings and entrepreneurship. For all those reasons, noncash transactions are rising at a rate of 11 percent yearly, helped along by electronic and mobile payments, according to a report last year from Capgemini and BNP Paribas.”

“Minting and printing money is an expensive proposition, which is one reason countries like Sweden, Norway and Nigeria are actively working to remove cash from circulation. Boosters of that change tout the benefits of reducing fraud, easier budgeting and the ability to quickly pay for stuff from anywhere in the world.

Some companies are doing a good job of persuading people to pay electronically. China’s tech giants Alibaba and Tencent have convinced people to use mobile payments at a rate of trillions of dollars a year.”


Please visit The long-awaited death of cash may finally be coming – CNET for more.

Bear uses paywave with the card all the time. I still keep a small amount in notes in my wallet which will not need to be replaced for months sometimes. Never use coins anymore. I like the idea of using my phone for payments as I have not only physical security but need to use fingerprint as well for security.

My bank has no branch in my town and have not been to a branch in years. Thank you electronic banking.

My one bitch is I understand the Government in Aussie gets $0.15 tax on every electronic transaction. THIS IS TOO MUCH. Reform in this area is needed from both State and Federal Governments.

After you have read the article tell me how you feel?

Have a good day Bear

PS: Bear achieved a milestone this week. The last of my paper files has been scanned and stored in the cloud (OneDrive). With great relish I took the old wooden filing cabinets down the back and burnt them. Taken 10 years but now I have a cleaner office and a very efficient filing system with OneNote. Thank you Microsoft it works great. I can even scan the rare paper document received with Office Lens on my Pixel 2 mobile and store it.


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Today’s tragedy …


Today's tragety.png

Bear and his friend are making romance (as we always have) while young people are looking at their devices.

Are you young and commit this tragedy. Take it from old Bear the relationship is far better than any device you will ever own.

That's crazy

Hope you had a laugh.

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