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One of the biggest trains in Australia’s history helping in the drought…


People in the city don’t realise how serious this is. Maybe when you don’t have food you might pay attention. I guess you’ll just import it after all you live in a city and it is just there isn’t  …


Bear disturbing

You don’t know do you? You live in a city you have paved roads and services everything is organised.

Sorry to disappoint you are not thinking of Australia.

What you forget is that it is that rural is the engine room of Aussie. You will not enjoy the life you lead if didn’t exist. Spare a thought?

Find out buy Aussie

Barnaby needs to get off the nest and help us because he can.

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Found the solution to the onion slip from sausage sangers at Bunnings …


It is so simple you can’t believe it …


Bunnings are going to be so relieved for this solution people won’t be slipping on onions anymore.

We should get money from this source … Meanwhile in Australia

Bear Tales contacted the Labor Party and Bill Shortofit made a statement that this type of innovative thinking was what the party needed to win the next election they will use it as an example of employee expertise and they should be paid more. We don’t need to worry about business he said they will just keep employing people anyway because they have to obey the Unions.

When contacted the LNP responded that Aussie should be concentrating on the future success of Bunnings and the other big end of town for jobs and growth. All their Australian Prime Ministers have always supported Bunnings.

Bear disturbing

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The truths 20 November 2018 …

Old men on bench

Thought I would start another regular post called “The truths” where I out politicians and others for their outrageous lies.

This is my first attempt and Trump is going to cop it today. I am sure I will find many more in the future from many other countries.



Raking the forest in Finland

People in Finland mock Donald Trump for claiming they prevent forest fires by ‘raking and cleaning’

Bear disturbing

Monkey celebrating

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A lone figure …

who cares for his country …

Who cares

I might be Aussie and no right to comment but I respect this guy. No matter what your politics he deserves to be respected as one of the true people in this world who loves his country.

He is welcome in Aussie anytime.


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No one in QLD knows about this – container refund scheme …

About the container refund scheme …

“Queenslanders use close to 3 billion beverage containers every year.

These containers are the second most littered item in the state, despite the fact they can be easily recycled. Beverage container litter is largely associated with drink consumption in open air settings such as parks, beaches, shopping centres and car parks.

The introduction of a state-wide container refund scheme will give people an incentive to collect and return containers for recycling, in exchange for a 10 cent refund payment. This will help to: reduce the amount of drink containers that are littered and, increase Queensland’s recycling rate.

The scheme will also provide benefits to social enterprises, communities, and regional and remote areas by creating new job, recycling and fundraising opportunities.

Queensland’s container refund scheme will commence on 1 November 2018, with more than 230 container refund points in operation across the state. The number of these sites will continue to grow as the scheme rolls out.”

Source: About the container refund scheme

Just watch the blurb in the video …

Bear just wants to make a couple of points …

  • we are already recycling
  • there are no collection points in Stanthorpe
  • no one knows about it
  • these bottles are not being littered in Stanthorpe because people put them in the recycle bins provided in public areas
  • this is going to cost people time and money as well as causing more pollution than it will save. eg. running cars to get your refund!

You wanted to vote for these clowns in the Labor and Green Parties who are causing more pollution because of ill thought out non practical policies. They don’t care if it costs you more they have an agenda but they are not going to tell you about it, are they?


Does the Labor Govt think we are all stupid and need to be told what to do? You will be paying more money to satisfy the Greens despite you doing the right thing already! I won’t be voting for them ever again make up your own mind about these clowns.

Have a good day Bear

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Have you lost with fraud ???


Sorry don’t get conned.

“Criminals have pilfered a total of £503.4 million from the clients of British banking institutions during the first half of 2018, according to a new report from UK Finance. The organization revealed that £145 million was stolen from bank account holders through authorized push payment (APP) frauds, where individuals are conned into sending money to another bank account. Also, this type of fraud leaves customers with no option for recovering their funds.

The remaining £358 million was reportedly lost to other forms of unauthorized scams, including transactions created without the account holder’s knowledge, though they can still regain their lost money. Among all forms of APP scams, purchase scams through which people are duped into spending money on goods and services which do not really exist are the most prevalent, comprising 63% of all instances, during the first six months of 2018, according to UK Finance.” Neowin


“These criminals are said to be using the funds they have stolen from multiple bank accounts to fund terrorism and drug trafficking activities. While industry claims that it is trying to address these problems, those efforts are seen to be insufficient as scammers continue to victimize many people.”

It is in Aussie to!

What Bear does …

  • account that Bear makes purchases from only has sufficient balance to cover purchase
  • never give out you bank details
  • always uses PayPal if possible
  • use Ebay if possible
  • Amazon has not been the cheapest in Aussie (freight)
  • I have a Visa card and use for purchases but don’t let them save details?
  • check bank and Visa details regularly
  • runs security software on my computer and phone (MalwareBytes)

What do you do?

You have to look after yourself got it? You have to be financially aware enough not to be financially conned because no Government can protect you, impossible for any Government.



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PS: I want to add that the Aussie Police both Federal and the Border Force are extremely capable and do catch them.

Did you know this! – people went through this for your freedom …


1916 – TRENCH FOOT . Caused by prolonged exposure to damp, wet, unsanitary and cold conditions. We’ve no idea what these men went through!

So you think you have it hard?


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