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We need mobile water dropping aircraft urgently …

Please listen to me instead of spending billions on submarines to guard against countries who will never invade us anyway let us spend it on a fleet of mobile water dropping aircraft. There has to be priorities please. 🤔 We need a fleet of Federally funded aircraft that can be despatched to large fires immediately anywhere in any State. Is this hard to work out not to Bear it isn’t!

Firefighting Aircraft


They will not be having such a great Aussie Day will they politicians? Is it hard to work out really?

Instead of politicaning for your party how about doing something for Aussie

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We want the truth from politicians …

I will always want the truth. Stop telling lies …



Bear disturbing

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Let us seek the right answer not the political gain …

Bear is very idealistic …


Let us seek the right answer and forget political affiliations please

Yes John we all must take responsibility for the future

Have a good day Bear
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Before I get abuse about interfering in US politics this post is directed to the world as a whole.

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Have we told you …

Have we told you how sick of USA politics we are?

Continual rubbish posts about politics makes Bear think that is all you think about. Who is actually earning money? Or do you all just buy overseas products and think the USA will be great again by burning coal. What a joke.

Just not working for the USA at the moment seriously not.

Don’t usually post about political affairs but the USA is in distress. This is total mismanagement and needs to be rectified.

I can’t understand why people in Aussie want us to become a Republic seriously it just doesn’t work.

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My body – my choice …

So it is your choice what do you say to this?

my choice

My wife and I struggled with this for years as we desperately wanted children. Unfortunately Vevencia had cysts on the ovaries and this took many years to diagnose at that time. Sad times and good times but we worked through it. Now closer than ever.

From Bear’s perspective be glad you are fertile your pregnancy might not be repeated. You also have the choice to take contraceptive aids these days?

Just think about it

Please have your say?

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One of the biggest trains in Australia’s history helping in the drought…


People in the city don’t realise how serious this is. Maybe when you don’t have food you might pay attention. I guess you’ll just import it after all you live in a city and it is just there isn’t  …


Bear disturbing

You don’t know do you? You live in a city you have paved roads and services everything is organised.

Sorry to disappoint you are not thinking of Australia.

What you forget is that it is that rural is the engine room of Aussie. You will not enjoy the life you lead if didn’t exist. Spare a thought?

Find out buy Aussie

Barnaby needs to get off the nest and help us because he can.

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Found the solution to the onion slip from sausage sangers at Bunnings …


It is so simple you can’t believe it …


Bunnings are going to be so relieved for this solution people won’t be slipping on onions anymore.

We should get money from this source … Meanwhile in Australia

Bear Tales contacted the Labor Party and Bill Shortofit made a statement that this type of innovative thinking was what the party needed to win the next election they will use it as an example of employee expertise and they should be paid more. We don’t need to worry about business he said they will just keep employing people anyway because they have to obey the Unions.

When contacted the LNP responded that Aussie should be concentrating on the future success of Bunnings and the other big end of town for jobs and growth. All their Australian Prime Ministers have always supported Bunnings.

Bear disturbing

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