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This is Christmas best Andrea Bocelli song ever …

A few years old and not great resolution but Bear wanted to share coming to Christmas.

I shared this in 2012 let’s get a few more million views maybe the world will a better place!

Besame mucho Andrea Bocelli …


Bear plays this regularly just to remind him of what is important in life …

“This is the BEST Andrea Bocelli song EVER.

Listen as he joins the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City, Utah for an unforgettable rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer.”

A song about Christ’s prayer to His Father in Heaven.

This beats adeste fideles, angels we have heard on high, God Bless us everyone, caro gesu bambino, cantique de noel, and any of his other hits, anytime…but see for yourself.

There’s no Sarah Brightman but the Mormon Tabernacle Choir does it even better!”

This truly is his the “besame mucho Andrea Bocelli”.


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The negro boy slave and the Jewish family …

Shared by Bear Tales follower Leslie.


Bet you don’t know “Big cheeks”

A grandson of slaves, a boy was born in a poor neighbourhood of New Orleans known as the “Back of Town.” His father abandoned the family when the child was an infant. His mother became a prostitute and the boy and his sister had to live with their grandmother. Early in life he proved to be gifted for music and with three other kids he sang in the streets of New Orleans. His first gains were coins that were thrown to them.

A Jewish family, Karnofsky, who had emigrated from Lithuania to the USA, had pity for the 7-year-old boy and brought him into their home. Initially giving ‘work’ in the house, to feed this hungry child. There he remained and slept in this Jewish family’s home where, for the first time in his life, he was treated with kindness and tenderness.When he went to bed, Mrs. Karnovsky sang him a Russian lullaby that he would sing with her. Later, he learned to sing and play several Russian and Jewish songs.

Over time, this boy became the adopted son of this family. The Karnofskys gave him money to buy his first musical instrument; as was the custom in the Jewish families.
They sincerely admired his musical talent. Later, when he became a professional musician and composer, he used these Jewish melodies in compositions, such as St. James Infirmary and Go Down Moses.

The little black boy grew up and wrote a book about this Jewish family who had adopted him in 1907. In memory of this family and until the end of his life, he wore a Star of David and said that in this family, he had learned “how to live real life and determination.”

You might recognize his name. This little boy was called: Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong.

Louis Armstrong proudly spoke fluent Yiddish and “Satchmo” is Yiddish for “Big Cheeks”!!!

And I’ll bet you did not know any of this.

No frog

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Hit songs renamed for “Oldies” …

Shared by Bear Tales contributor Ian

1960 Hits Renamed

Some of the artists of the 60’s are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers who can remember doing the “Limbo” as if it were yesterday.

They include:

Herman’s Hermits —
Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Walker


The Bee Gees —
How Can You Mend A Broken Hip?


Roberta Flack —
The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face



Johnny Nash —
I Can’t See Clearly Now


Paul Simon —
Fifty Ways To Lose Your Liver


The Commodores —
Once, Twice, Three Times To The Bathroom


Procol Harem —
A Whiter Shade Of Hair


Leo Sayer —
You Make Me Feel Like Napping


The Temptations —
Papa’s Got A Kidney Stone


Abba —
Denture Queen


Tony Orlando —
Knock 3 Times On The Ceiling If You Hear Me Fall


Helen Reddy —
I Am Woman; Hear Me Snore


Leslie Gore —
It’s My Procedure, and I’ll Cry If I Want To


And last, but NOT least:

Willie Nelson —
On the Commode Again


Thanks Ian for reminding me how old I am getting 🙂

We are laughing

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Bear’s Easter message 2016 …


I have posted this previously but have to again for my Easter message …

I play this regularly and hope you enjoy again.

Have a happy and safe Easter with your family and friends.

Love to you all.

Thanks for viewing my posts.

Regards Bear

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My original post The Lord’s Prayer.

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All I want for Christmas …

Mariah Carey: All I Want For Christmas Is You (Duet with Michael Bublé)

Bear loves this! It is outstanding.

Bear likes

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Merry Christmas from Bear.

Thank you for following me this year I have really enjoyed it.

This is real talent …

Real talent in more ways than one!


You must watch …

Hope you enjoyed!

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Ladies and Gentleman -­ Stuart Van Halen of the ‪Minions‬ will now perform ‪Eruption …

Bear likes …


Don’t stop being amazed! LMAO 🙂 Bear signature