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Latest Crop of WALMARTIANS really it’s worse …

But Trump will fix it really

Bear Tales

My “friends” keep sending these images.

To be honest I haven’t seen anything like this in Australia and continue to be amazed.

Of course I have to share them with you. The comments are mine!

PLEASE PREPARE YOUR EYES it’s hard to believe … they have gotten worse!

Has to be a fairytale

10403361_10152588975761459_5329072272304969741_n Fashionista

11021217_10152588976116459_8527488081651817306_n Yep he is a Playboy

10363814_10152590572756459_3318904524610547333_n More fashionistas

Betty Boob Just hang them out

e53edc9c8b69230d697c86eb4394206f.600x Do they actually sell these suits

934f7f6414d0bb75866769e925c8ac44.600x Pays to advertise

14edaf8cc4861ea398879dafb96706d0.600x Oh no short shorts

ae2f3219f1e15fa85cd7594f3c8dd832.600x Does anyone volunteer to change his nappy?

0d75f1bafb22300fba311487e25ddfbf Father of the year

11f2c7854fc8c1b73efb4f9c75df60a6 What are those things on her back?

5df9da0efa27413be7150355484dbbb5 Just taking my squirrel shopping

18e345e3a3e9439147d27c0cbcb18542 I don’t know but the hair is attractive!

d45761bd684aa5204b8475920cb0f00e Explain it to me but he might be a butterfly.

43dee00cd45b9cf8621d57a8d6d34c72 You have to make sure your pants will not come off

b3088b65141545ca188bcbcbad18a91a Fatties traffic jam

eaf43f18f6c2ab8996150579c7f72cf7 So proud

cf321e735f74257cfdcde3076bcba7f8 WHY?????

Is this for real? Is this for real?

Visit the People of Walmart site for many more pictures.


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WALMARTIANS and denim shorts …

I actually like denim shorts but not these WALMARTIANS.

Bear Tales

Love girls in denim shorts!

This is why, an attractive Aussie girl …

. .

These are some girls from WalMart that I found …

788 .

50569064efdeeb3ddb655f8ac796d4d5 .

people-of-wal-mart-dumpaday-54 .

I continue to be amazed !!!

That's crazyThat’s crazy

Bear is laughingBear is laughing

. .

Sources: Visit … People of Walmart if your eyes can take it! LOL

Remember send your photos to Bear Tales Submit.

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WALMARTIANS some of the best gallery …

That’s crazy stuff. Bet Trump has problems fixing this?

Bear Tales

I am jealous of you people in the USA I can’t see sights like this in Australia. Have gone through my archives to prepare a gallery for you thank me later.

PLEASE PREPARE YOUR EYES it’s hard to believe. Please click an image to view slideshow it is lengthy and if you really want to punish yourself you can view full size images …

Amazing bet you are bewildered as well. But here is the best of all …

What in the hell is he doing?What in the hell is he doing?

You guys are so lucky to have entertainment like this!

Please comment if you wish (keep it constructive) and you can submit photos anonymously to Bear Tales Upload.

You can view even more at People of Walmart.

That's crazyThat’s crazy stuff

Still laughingBear knows you are laughing

. .

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Computer and tech jokes – hope you have a laugh …

and you thought you were computer literate?

Bear Tales

These are funny …

299706_10152601481995414_491537802_n385807_513245182051050_479328174_nVirtualess realitytech support733873_507278759336575_1785686350_n559858_519180928124577_1728221068_n482607_10151543829583125_1981520171_n

Bet you had a laugh!

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That’s not a knife – my life in the Kimberley …

Do you you know this

Bear Tales

Australians know what a knife is …


but Hoges says …


Hoges says I fight crocodiles I know what a knife is …

tumblr_npgmpxFWlg1t55xupo3_400Paul Hogan you have to love him and the movie was so much fun at the time.

Life in the Kimberley

At the time we were living in the Kimberley at Broome and Derby some of the most remote areas in the world. At the local pubs (hotels) there were characters like the one that Hoges portrayed.

Certainly an interesting time in my life. It is a wonder that I am still alive!

Do you know that when I arrived in the Kimberley 1979 …

  • There was no telephone ( communication was by Royal Flying Doctor radio network)
  • No TV
  • 500 kms of rugged dirt roads anywhere to other towns (Darwin 1650 kms away)
  • People walked around with guns on their hip
  • Cattle Stations in the Kimberley…

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The Australian dunny …

I thought this was one of my dirtiest posts

Bear Tales

Backyard Dunny Backyard Dunny

Thought I should share this. Received the poem by email so don’t know the author. Older Australian viewers will remember will remember this now gone aspect of life although I suspect that it still exists in some remote areas. I hope that people from other countries will enjoy as they had the equivalent facilities.


They were funny looking buildings, that were once a way of life,
If you couldn’t sprint the distance, then you really were in strife.
They were nailed, they were wired, but were mostly falling down,
There was one in every yard, in every house, in every town.
They were given many names, some were even funny,
But to most of us, we knew them as the outhouse or the dunny.
I’ve seen some of them all gussied up, with painted doors and all,
But it really made no difference, they were…

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New sexual position …

Everyone should know this

Bear Tales

tantric sex cartoon iba0285l

My wife and I have worked out a new sexual position.

Sexual position

This should not be tried at home …

What do you think will it work for you? LMAO 🙂


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