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‘The Shakespeare of English furniture makers’

Thomas Chippendale (1718-1779) is without question Britain’s greatest cabinet-maker. He excelled in every style he worked in, from the whimsical rococo and the fashion for all things Chinese in his early career, to the neoclassical with its straight lines derived from the ancient world. His reputation spread far beyond the shores of his homeland, and his genius is reflected in the number of beautifully designed and executed pieces of furniture that survive in excellent condition nearly 250 years after his death.’

Bear loves the Chippendale design but unfortunately not rich enough to own any of the furniture …

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please visit:  Thomas Chippendale — An expert guide | Christie’s and Wikipedia


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Catholic Parrots!!

Have you heard of hooker parrots? I thought this was funny in 2012 what do you think?

Bear Tales

A lady goes to her priest one day and tells him, ‘Father, I have a problem.

I have two female parrots,

But they only know to say one thing.’

‘What do they say?’ the priest asked.

They say, ‘Hi, we’re hookers! Do you want to have some fun?’

‘That’s obscene!’ the priest exclaimed,

Then he thought for a moment…..

‘You know,’ he said, ‘I may have a solution to your problem. I have two male talking parrots, which I have taught to pray and read the Bible…

Bring your two parrots over to my house, and we’ll put them in the cage with Francis and Peter.

My parrots can teach your parrots to pray and worship,
And your parrots are sure to stop saying…. That phrase… In no time.’

‘Thank you,’ the woman responded, ‘this may very well be the solution.’

The next day,
She brought her female parrots to…

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Four talented ladies …

Total talent I love it?

Bear Tales

Absolutely love this!

I know you will love it …

Bet you enjoyed and laughed!

We are laughingWe are laughing

Bear is laughingBear is laughing

. .

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Hey, wasn’t this us?

Yep the great times

Bear Tales

. .

Received this in an email thought some of you might appreciate me sharing it. I think it is quite good …

A little house with three bedrooms,
one bathroom and one car on the street.
A mower that you had to push
to make the grass look neat.

In the kitchen on the wall
we only had one phone,
And no need for recording things,
someone was always home.

We only had a living room
where we would congregate,
unless it was at mealtime
in the kitchen where we ate.

We had no need for family rooms
or extra rooms to dine.
When meeting as a family
those two rooms would work out fine.

We only had one TV set
and channels maybe two,
But always there was one of them
with something worth the view.

For snacks we had potato chips
that tasted like a chip.
And if…

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The old drover …

Old drover getting a shave …

Bear Tales

Shared by Bear Tales follower John.

An old drover walks into a barber shop in Black Stump Crossing, NT, for a shave and a haircut.

He tells the barber he can’t get all his whiskers off because his cheeks are wrinkled from age.

The barber gets a little wooden ball from a cup on the shelf and tells the old drover to put it inside his cheek to spread out the skin.

When he’s finished, the old drover tells the barber that was the cleanest shave he’d had in yonks, but he wanted to know what would have happened if he had accidentally swallowed that little ball.

The barber replied, “Just bring it back in a couple of days like everyone else does.”

That's crazy That’s crazy

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Don’t eat anymore chicken sandwiches no matter what …

Later on she will like the neck and gizzards won’t she?

Bear Tales

Don't eat chicken sandwiches no matter what Oh no!

A little boy and a little girl attended the same school and became friends.

Every day they would sit together to eat their lunch.

They discovered that they both brought chicken sandwiches every day!

This went on all through the fourth and fifth grades, until one day he noticed that her sandwich wasn’t a chicken sandwich.

He said, ‘Hey, how come you’re not eating chicken, don’t you like it anymore?’

She said ‘I love it but I have to stop eating it.’

‘Why?’ he asked.

She pointed to her lap and said ‘Cause I’m starting to grow little feathers down there!’

‘Let me see’ he said.

‘Okay’ and she showed him. He looked and said, ‘That’s right.You are! Better not eat any more chicken.’

He kept eating his chicken sandwiches until one day he brought peanut butter. He said to the little girl, ‘I have to stop eating chicken…

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Bear’s comment on Facebook privacy …

Thought you need a rethink …

Bear Tales


Facebook and other social sites their purpose is sharing. If you don’t want something shared with the world don’t put it on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surely that is not hard to understand is it?

Maybe this joke will get the message through …

Facebook users privacyApes dancing gif

Hope you laughed

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