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We have bush fires …

Just look at the haze out the back paddock …


The haze and smoke smell is really strong. We haven’t had any warnings yet.

Funny the roos have disappeared even my pet and her joeys.


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Quote for the day Sunday 1 January 2017 …

Did you party hard enough?

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My wife welcomes me …

Are you sorry for him

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Are you laughing or crying for this guy?

Bear disturbing

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via Research shows that there are seven kinds of sex …

Computer jokes 18 July 2016 …

These are funny

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Collected by Bear


Hope you have a laugh …

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Are you laughing?

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She has beautiful breasts …

They are magnificent

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But why would you disfigure yourself with piercings …

Sorry tried to censor image but you need to make a point. Bear thinks – she is beautiful, she does not need piercing to make her more beautiful. Any guy would love to make love to her, a lot would be turned off by the crap piercings. Sorry Girls they are crap.


Totally Bear’s type with no piercing.

Well dressed and groomed girls are just so sexy to Bear

Hope you enjoyed

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Little Johnny’s father …

You have to laugh at this 🙂

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little johnnyteacher-asked-question1teacher-asked-question2Love itbear-signature2

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