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Welcome to 2018! Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks (full version) …

Welcome 2018 …

Hope you enjoyed.

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Queensland’s best wineries and cellar doors …


Feel like visiting some great wineries

“Wine time is anytime, in all honesty. But Queensland’s wine time to shine is right this minute.

The sunshine state is having its moment in the sun when it comes to all things vino, and there are wineries galore gaining good ground on the ‘Old Boys’ of the Australian wine scene. (Ahem… we’re looking at you Barossa and the Hunter Valley). And while the huge variety of wines available in Queensland is nothing short of impressive, the once-underdog wine scene is stepping up to the cheese platter in a serious way.

From the Granite Belt’s stalwarts and alternative varietal champions to boutique, family-run operations and tropical fruit wine with the most unexpected of terroirs, there’s no stopping a Queensland grape on the rise.

Wine drinkers, rejoice! The Queensland wine golden age is here for good.”

Read more at Queensland Blog.

These images should tantalise your taste buds …

What’s your favourite winery in Queensland?

Bear’s is just down the road from his place:

Symphony Hill

“Another Granite Belt MVP, Symphony Hill is a James Halliday mainstay, earning the 5-star rating three years in a row (‘15, ‘14 and ‘13) and picking up plenty of other credit and awards for their well-made drop in their 14 years of operation.

Their signature red, the Reserve Shiraz, is even fit for royalty: it was served to Wills and Kate when the couple came to Brisbane in 2014.”

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MP3 audio quietly fades into history …

You can still play your old MP3 files, but the format that owned the early days of digital audio is done.

“The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits recently announced that it and Technicolor would no longer license “patents and software” for the MP3 format. The licensing program officially ended on April 23.”

Source: MP3 audio quietly fades into history | PCWorld

“The impact on you at home: While MP3 licensing may be going away, the everyday use of MP3s isn’t going anywhere. MP3 files will continue to play as they always have, but like any technology, it will slowly fade away as more advanced options (such as AAC) become more widespread.”



David Bowie photographs reveal unseen side of pop icon …

Love David Bowie always have!

“A new exhibition reveals rare, and sometimes unseen, photographs of the late pop icon David Bowie.”

Please visit source: David Bowie photographs reveal unseen side of pop icon – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

INFOGRAPHIC This very unique image was eventually made the cover of the 2002 album Heathen. (Supplied Markus Klinko)

RIP thanks for your art.

Small Faces – Itchycoo Park (1967) – YouTube …

One of my all time favorites. I was still in high school!

Most popular song ever …

Shared by Bear Tales follower John

You may have seen this before but wanted to share as I like this rendition. I bet the girls don’t mind me sharing again!

hope you enjoyed girls?

Bear really likes the bagpipes.

vader bagpipes

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This is magical I wanted to share …


Wonderful musicians just incredible talent

Hope you enjoyed.

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Thank you YouTube for making this wonderful music available to the world