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Hands up whose’s internet is slow …



It is all the native people from PNG getting on the internet

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🌍Google Santa Tracker


Use Google Santa Tracker to follow Santa Claus on Google Maps as he makes his journey around the world.

Santa tracker: 🌍Google Santa Tracker


Merry Christmas

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Zuckerberg: 99% of Facebook Content Is ‘Authentic’ …

Bear thinks Zuckerberg lives in a dream world …

“Of all the content on Facebook, more than 99 percent of what people see is authentic,” Zuckerberg wrote. “Only a very small amount is fake news and hoaxes. The hoaxes that do exist are not limited to one partisan view, or even to politics.”

He also reiterated his belief that fake news stories shared on social media didn’t influence the presidential election.

Please visit source: Zuckerberg: 99% of Facebook Content Is ‘Authentic’ | News & Opinion | for the article.

What do you think?

We are laughing

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Recognise scam or hoax emails and websites | Stay Smart Online …

We all should pay attention to this …


“”Scam and hoax websites and emails are designed to:trick you into disclosing personal information such as bank account details, passwords or credit card numberscon you into paying money for fake get-rich-quick offers, prizes or lottery wins, or fraudulent or poor quality goods.Be suspicious of emails from people or businesses you don’t know, particularly if they promise you money, good health or a solution to all your problems.”

Please visit source: Recognise scam or hoax emails and websites | Stay Smart Online it is a good article.

Well worth your time.



Germany votes to ban internal combustion engine cars by 2030 | ExtremeTech …

This is what Bear wants to hear! Thought we should be closer to achieving this already.

“Germany invented the gasoline engine and diesel engine.

Gottlieb Daimler’s first “motorized carriage,” circa 1892

Gottlieb Daimler’s first “motorized carriage,” circa 1892

Now, Germany’s Bundesrat wants the internal combustion engine banned starting in 2030. The resolution by one of Germany’s two legislative bodies (analogous to the US Senate or British House of Lords) isn’t binding, but it had bipartisan support. It suggests the days of the internal combustion engine car are finite.”

“Germany’s Senate voted in favor of no internal combustion engines. The EU decides for Europe, but often follows Germany’s lead on automotive matters.”

Please read article at: Germany votes to ban internal combustion engine cars by 2030 | ExtremeTech


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The Wright brothers’ biggest challenge? Steering the dang plane …

First flight …

Can you even imagine the work and creativity that went into achieving this?

All I see on the internet is people whining about having to go to work for five days and can’t wait for Friday. Oh dear it is Monday have to go to work. What a load of crap!

Well the Wright Brothers would have been working seven days a week.

Can you also imagine what Wilbur was feeling making this flight? Must have been total exhilaration.

Better than the drugs you want to take!

Can you be the first to do something? Sorry I forgot it is too hard to do that.

“Before their groundbreaking powered flight over the dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on Dec. 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers conducted hundreds of test flights with unpowered gliders and kites.” Mashable

Think about it?

“Unlike their rivals, Orville and Wilbur knew that before you strapped an engine to a flying wing, you needed to be able to control it. You can’t wing it.” Please visit source: The Wright brothers’ biggest challenge? Steering the dang plane

I have never seen these images before so needed to share.



Scammers at it again …

My dear 83 yo step mum received a call from a girl purporting to be from the tax office.

The girl informed mum that she had been ignoring letters from the Australian Tax Office and that representatives had been calling around but she has been avoiding them. Mum apparently owes the ATO $4500 and the Police were coming around to take her to jail. They were going to seize her possessions she would lose everything!

This girl even left a name and contact number along with her ATO ID and a reference number for the issue.

Luckily mum didn’t give out any personal details and hung up to ring me immediately. Of course I rang the ATO directly and reported the scam only to be told what the scammers had told mum. It must be widespread.

I was going to share the name and telephone number supplied but realised it could be a stolen identity and would not want to cause that poor person more distress.

Please share this so other people will not have the distress like mum.

Too many low lifes out there please be careful my friends!

To the thieves you will be caught punishment will be jail …


Whipping would be brought back if Bear had his way have a nice day thieves we will find you!