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I love wood boats of yesteryear …

I have water skied since 11 years of age that is 50 years ago and of course the boats then were timber. Having always admired the beauty and craftsmanship of these boats I save images that I come across to a Pinterest page Wooden Boats.

Here is a gallery of a few that I have collected …

I hope you enjoyed these images if so go to my Pinterest page Wooden Boats there is a few thousand more images to view. Obviously there is a lot of devotees to wooden boats.

That would burn your eyebrows

Hope you enjoyed.


My mate’s “Bad Habits” a 50 year old ski boat restored …

Photos shared by PPC Marine.


13415397_1949903328564557_5345615667494172446_o (1)

Water skied since I was 11 this is a long term friend of mine’s boat a 50 year old Everingham which he has restored.

Out of respect and admiration for all the work involved to restore this boat Bear has to share these picture galleries with you …

This is what it looked like before the restoration …

Some of the restoration work …


Thanks Peter for sharing and the memories! You have done a great job I know you have enjoyed the project.

If you like old boats particularly speed boats visit my Pinterest page.

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Most beautiful motorboat ever …

You don’t know how much Bear would like to own this.

Maybe I can sell the house?

I have waterskied since 11 and the boats those days (60’s) were real wood beauties so I want this one as the best …

The 1974 Riva Aquarama Special “Lealena,” one of only 769 Aquaramas constructed, is a twin-V8 powered wooden runabout. The hull is lined in varnished mahogany, and the boat was powered by two engines.

“A classic Italian motor boat — of a type widely regarded as one of the most beautiful ever built – will cross the block in May at an auction in Monaco.”

I understand USD 600,000 reserve so if you like maybe you will be bidding against Bear!

Why won’t the real estate agent answer my calls?

Please visit source: Most beautiful motorboat ever – Business Insider

Please also visit my Pinterest page “Wooden Boats” where I have collected images of the most beautiful boats.

Bear is laughing

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Barefoot waterskiing behind a plane …


Bear used to barefoot ski even went in some competitions when much younger.

We didn’t have equipment like this though …


Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

Bear likes

Bear likes

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Model surfer …

Bear would love to have one of these …

do you think this would be fun? LOL 🙂


Is this the best hijacking a boat’s wake we’ve seen …

Is this the best hijacking a boat's wake we've seen

If you are into water sports you might like to try this …

Hope you enjoyed. Bear used to water ski a lot when younger so enjoy these videos! LOL 😉


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Jet boat oooooops …

Must share this would be fun …

You have to laugh! LMAO 😉

That's crazy

That’s crazy

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