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Bear’s dog can talk …



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Bear’s sensual girls 15 February 2019 …



Bear loves sensual well groomed girls

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I might like this girl as well …


Totally Bear’s type

Well dressed and groomed girls are just so attractive to Bear

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Crazy videos 15 February 2019 …

These are videos that I wanted to share with friends because they are amazing interesting or funny …




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Stanthorpe – smoke from fires at Wallangarra 15 February 2019 …


The fires at Wallangarra with the SE winds made the smoke at my place Stanthorpe very thick …


Smoke at Stanthorpe 15 02 19

The light was a dark amber and the sun was most unusual through the haze …


The sun through the smoke haze Stanthorpe 3.00pm 15 02 19

The red sun as it sets …

IMG_20190215_181702 (2)

The red sun as it sets 15 02 19

Thankfully the air has cleared somewhat it was so thick with smoke early afternoon I was thinking of leaving.

Bear disturbing

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Great gifs 15 February 2019 …


Must watch gifs collected by Bear please click image to view slideshow …

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Funny signs 15 February 2019 …

You will get a laugh from these funny signs

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Today’s jokes 15 February 2019 …

Jokes collected by Bear just click an image to view slideshow …

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