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Quote for the day Sunday 25 June 2017 …

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Today’s jokes 15 February 2014 …

Some of my old jokes!

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Funny jokes being shared around today we all need to laugh some more …

Come here often Come here often

Seating .

0000000000 .

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12095_626591377413472_1607631481_n The guy who wrote this didn’t survive Valentines day either

1604434_644912098879582_373471998_n The cat didn’t think much of Valentines day.

1619276_626327374106539_1259485505_n .

1779359_625868890819054_796865232_n No comment I want to survive

1779804_625869017485708_609256521_n .

1782099_10153800791600043_897011301_n .

1932444_626388204100456_846819137_n Yep I bet there are a lot of guys in deep water.

Hope at least one made you laugh.

Bear is laughingBear is laughing

I know you are laughingI know you are laughing

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Collection of crazy videos 24 June 2017 …


These are videos I have come across on social pages that I wanted to share …





I hope you enjoyed.


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Don’t make any comments on social media …

otherwise this will happen …

Yes Bear is making a comment on people’s attitudes these days.

Snow and fresh green is beautiful Shiga Kogen – haruyuki onoue …


 Amazing this should be shared great quality …

“Altitude was taken Kidoike that reflects the remaining snow and fresh green of Shiga Kusatsu route that has been closed to traffic as well and Shibutoge open and majestic Shirane Kusatsu can be expected Yamadatoge on the surface of the water in midwinter for more than 2000m. Shooting date May 29, 2017” (Google translation)

Don’t forget to click on the settings wheel and select the best resolution that your system will display. Full screen viewing is good!

This is really so beautiful!

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Hope you enjoyed あなたが楽しんだことを望み.

Visit haruyuki onoue on YouTube for many more I love the videos. はるゆき おのうえ

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Bear’s really really sexy girls 24 June 2017 …

Bear wanted to share with you some really really sexy girls with their clothes on …

Well dressed and groomed girls are just so sexy to Bear.

but Bear really likes this girl …

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Great gifs 24 June 2017 …

Must watch gifs …

Hope you had a laugh.

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