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Quote for the day Friday 15 December 2017 …

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Interesting story on education – Thomas Edison …

Shared by Bear Tales follower John B and I wanted to share with you because politicians always want to spend more on education to win votes. Unfortunately more money does not equate to better learning! It is teaching you how to learn. I had a great mentor at University this is the quote of the century …

“I am not teaching you facts I am teaching you the ability to learn”

Hope you enjoy …

Thomas Edison

I think this is really great? It is not the resources spent on education it is your desire to learn which is the most important thing in my opinion!

Bear hopes it made you think?


Replacement Irish Doctor …

She had bad eyes …

WALMARTIANS December 2017 …


Have been saving images of shoppers at Walmart for years now. Sometimes it is too much for a poor Aussie to comprehend. Seeing millions viewed my earlier posts thought I would share some more each month.

WALMARTIANS have been very active again and I should warn you as usual some are explicit and confronting to viewers.

The last for 2017 Bear needs a break. Don’t we all!

To view a slideshow you only have to click an image and be totally amazed …


Bear disturbing

Please support and visit People of Walmart for more and big thanks contributors to Bear Tales we love the laughs. But most of all thanks for the entertainment WALMARTIANS our life would be totally boring without you. LMAO

Merry Christmas WALMARTIANS

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Sensual girls with their clothes on 14 December 2017 …

Great girls who I call sexy

Guess what they have their clothes on and are so sexy click an image to view slideshow …

I might like this girl as well …

Totally Bear’s type.

Well dressed and groomed girls are just so sexy to Bear.

Hope you enjoyed.

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The flexible clown …

Shared by Bear Tales follower John B and wanted to share with you. Tried to find a better copy on YouTube but unsuccessful.

Hope you enjoy …

I think this is really great?

Bear hopes you enjoyed


Great photos of clouds 14 November 2017 …


I like all great photography but find images of our climate amazing.

Found these on social sites and wanted to share. Just click an image to view slideshow and be amazed …

Aren’t they great images?


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