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Old guy with wide ranging interests.

Quote for the day Monday 20 August 2018 …

husbands minion

Have a good day Bear
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Image of the day 19 August 2018 …


I like all photography but these are photos I particularly liked and wanted to share …

Group of owls G 21 12 17

Group of owls G 21 12 17

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Quote for the day Sunday 19 August 2018 …

16 - 1 (29).jpg30.jpg

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Two Irishmen wanted a drink real bad …

Still think this is one of the funniest jokes

Bear Tales

Bear is saying nothing

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Crazy videos 18 August 2018 …




I hope you enjoyed.


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Bear’s sensual girls 18 August 2018 …


Great girls who I call sexy

Please click an image to view slideshow …

I might like this girl as well …


Totally Bear’s type

Well dressed and groomed girls are just so sexy to Bear

Hope you enjoyed

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Bear’s really dirty jokes 18 August 2018 …

Warning Bear is being very naughty you might see a …

or something like this …


If you can stop looking at this gif please click an image to have a laugh …

Are you laughing?

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