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Bear Tales by Ken Judd
Amazing interesting and funny.


I have had the nickname “Bear” since school. I am now a sixty six year old guy who lives at Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia.

I have wide-ranging interests not least of which are art, computers, bonsai, antiques, special cars and just simply enjoying life.  Don’t mind the odd joke if in good taste.  Particularly enjoy great photography.

The purpose of this site is to share with my friends the amazing, interesting and funny things I find in my life.

Hopefully I will bring you some humor and that you just enjoy my posts.

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Bear Tales does not claim to own exclusive rights on all posts, images and videos published. We are hosting a lot of unaccredited material from unknown authors we received via mails, social sites, friends and readers. If you own copyrights to some material and you want us to remove it from pages, please contact to claim your ownership. We will either credit you and your website so you get exposure, or if you wish your content not to be seen completely remove the content.

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who will bring you amazing, interesting and funny posts.

That’s Bear


29 thoughts on “About Bear

  1. Rhonda

    Glad you stopped by and enjoyed Aging Gracefully. We all could stand to laugh at ourselves a bit. Like your blog’s style and sense of humor!


  2. Grumpy

    Hello Ken,
    I’ve have very special memories of Queensland when I stayed with my Oz family in Brisbane, just after I retired seven years ago. Spent a whole day birdwatching in your area with a past president of the Queensland Ornithological Society. Magic!


    1. Ken Judd Post author

      That’s great. I love Tamborine Mountain actually can’t imagine living anywhere else. The birds are part of the attraction. I could not live I don’t think without my mug of tea watching the birds when I first get up. LOL


  3. Alan Gurr

    Hi Ken,
    I have just found your website, and wow, very interesting indeed.
    Love the pictures, and the jokes. Keep up the good work.


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    1. Ken Judd Post author

      Thank you for your nomination I am very flattered. I started the website to share funny, amazing and interesting things that I find with friends. It seems to have taken off a little which is also very flattering. Thanks again. Regards Ken.


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