Bear Tales is in the process of winding up …

Bear Tales is finishing!

WordPress – because of 14.000 posts I have used 20GB of storage so now I am on a business plan of $399 per year.

That was sort of fine because I was getting a small amount from WordAds which in reality was not quite covering costs.

Now the site is classified as mature and supposedly advertisers are not bidding for my site. Seriously why advertisers wouldn’t want people who are visiting my site to see their ads escapes me totally. You know mature people with money –  just totally strange?

I have done 14,000 posts and probably the most comprehensive collection of jokes in the world. They will be lost because I am just cheesed off.

I have asked for a refund and they have agreed to refund plus getting my outstanding WordAds earnings.

Don’t try to make anything of WordPress because they will handle you seriously. The expectation of super profits is just too much for these blithering simpletons.

Oh well I earned nearly $40,000 from the site to pay expenses over eight years. It just grates I can’t continue because of the greed from WordPress and to be totally honest it is Google greed who control the ads.

Best post 13,700,000 views but WordPress don’t want me posting because I post for mature people. You know the ones who are going to be the majority in the next 20 years. Are these people blithering idiots?

Sorry I forgot they are young blithering idiots

Bear disturbing

For one of the last times Bear posts

Bear signature

11 thoughts on “Bear Tales is in the process of winding up …

  1. InFinnity

    Holy Moly Batman!!! That is absurd!!! My Facebook account was shut down because I posted your jokes on there all the time and got the most Likes on them but nothing compared to yours on WordPress. Unfortunately, all of these moronic idiots have their “community standards” so I would advise you to setup your own website somewhere in the world and post whatever you want on it. Then, all you need to do to get your following back is post your links on the moronic sites. I am sure your followers will come, I know I will. If you want me to help you in this venture, please let me know. I hosted my own web server on the net for over 15-years and could post whatever I wanted to on it. Let’s do it bear!!! If you are interested, please email me back. I hope to hear from you soon…



    1. Bear Post author

      Thank you but I sick of being governed by the morons in these internet companies. Google in particular. I am deciding what to do but they will not like it that I can assure you. 😉


  2. Michelle

    Your blog is one I have really enjoyed reading. You have given me a lot of laughs.
    I do hope you will consider setting up your own web server so you can continue to spread humour and joy around the world. Either way, thank you so very much.


  3. Saga

    Thank you for all the laughs you gave me and others. Sorry to see you closing this. I’m not a techie, but I hope you will set up your own server and continue with your dissemination of humor😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. lynx318

    Young blithering idiots, still hanging on to mummy’s apron. Why are they following Tumblr’s example in the wrong way? Only just found this site and now it’s going, Google idiots are ruining everything.



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