New Walmartians …

We all liked WALMARTIANS

Bear Tales

Sent to me in an email. I deny any responsibility for the content. LOL

Do some people really get about looking/dressing like this ???

They walk amongst us…………

clip_image001[4]Obviously returning those speakers was VERY important.

clip_image002[4]Her jeans were in the wash, so she borrowed the hubby’s.

clip_image003[4]“How do you like my new underpants?”

clip_image004[4]At first glance, I thought “hmm, ugly woman”, at second, and lower glance
“ugly man with cool toenails, AND what the hell is up with his “package?”

clip_image006[4]Caution: Do not mess with the potato chips!

clip_image007[4]Oh my goodness. WHY? WHY? WHY?

clip_image008[4]I don’t know what to say here — “Nice legs buddy?”

clip_image009[4]What is that red thing going up his back? I already know what’s in the crack.

clip_image010[4]That isn’t a thong, is it? Again I ask, “WHY?”

clip_image011[4]What is that hanging out of her shirt? Boobs or a hiney?

clip_image012[4]Is that a kilt? Or my skirt…

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