Have we told you …

Have we told you how sick of USA politics we are?

Continual rubbish posts about politics makes Bear think that is all you think about. Who is actually earning money? Or do you all just buy overseas products and think the USA will be great again by burning coal. What a joke.

Just not working for the USA at the moment seriously not.

Don’t usually post about political affairs but the USA is in distress. This is total mismanagement and needs to be rectified.

I can’t understand why people in Aussie want us to become a Republic seriously it just doesn’t work.

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3 thoughts on “Have we told you …

  1. Roy Ranic

    I really don’t give a rats ass what you aussies think about our USA! The USA is and has always been the greatest country in history. Over 300 million people that most respect our laws & people. You only hear about the anti american mutts from the fake news!


    1. Bear Post author

      Funny about that the post was about not giving a rats ass about all the posts concerning the crap politics you have. The greatest country? what bullshit propaganda are you listening to maybe the media LOL 🙂



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