Are you kidding me more tax on alcohol …


Deakin University and University of QLD need to have a rethink Bear thinks …

Let’s just go through a few things …

  • I am 66 now and when young not many people were fat. Of course some were, probably because of genetics
  • people drank beer a lot of beer even at lunch traditional for people to go and have a couple of schooners at lunch
  • we ate home grown vegetables and meat from the local abattoir never frozen fresh daily
  • there were no takeaway food outlets except the local cafe where the burgers were magnificent from fresh ingredients. This was extremely rare treat!
  • hardly ever drank soft drinks they were considered a treat
  • we never ate out
  • there were very few cars. We used public transport and of course you needed to walk to catch it.

these are verified facts – Bear lived it.

Now we are drinking less read this Drinkwise

So Deakin University if knowing that your results came up with something unexpected don’t you think it might need reviewing? Or is it just about sensationalizing everything in the media?

At least that is what I was taught at University!

I would have to be a blithering idiot to be recommending more taxes on alcohol, more like considering taxing fast food in the first instance to return to the past. But you can’t do that it would put too many young people out of jobs and have a severe effect on the economy.


University graduates today

Why does Bear post about this? I think the social and even psychological benefits of even too much with friends far outways other concerns. Funny how we have far more crazies since the afternoon visit to the local pub doesn’t occur anymore. You don’t have the local within walking distance and can’t drive after drinking anymore so it became extinct.


Frog laughing

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