Media crap – nothing has happened who cares …


For all the outrage about privacy and social media nothing has happened has it?

The media wants to create controversy to get views their view is not report facts but create controversy and get views then you will be a good reporter.

Crap – to Bear a good report gets facts right and reports them in an unbiased way.

Nothing has happened all the scares by the media are nothing. All they have done is scare off people from using a resource that can enhance their lives. Particularly older people.

If you don’t put it on the internet it can’t be shared can it? So if you are concerned about privacy don’t record it you have the choice. So what if they give me adds I don’t care if I don’t want to see it don’t go there.


Facebook bum

For Bear I don’t care! If I put something in posts or my accounts on social media it is meant to be shared. Get smart and be real people you are responsible for yourself.

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Data breach

More media crap

Bear disturbing

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