Are you going to shoot up schools …

What is the problem?


So sad and people seem to accept the deaths of innocent people particularly children just to have the right to have a gun and protect themselves. Really?

You are going to defend yourself against Russia or China aggression don’t be stupid, it would destroy them to use force anyway. Your pindling little gun will do nothing in defence if they decided to. Guess what they have nukes you won’t have any idea really!


In Aussie we are trying to remove all guns from society.

Then criminals find it hard to get guns.

We have had no mass shootings lately (20 years) and the Police are very diligent in their efforts to remove guns from society in Aussie. I feel that is “FREEDOM” because I can mix in society without even thinking about my safety and just go about my life without carrying a gun for my safety. That is a good society!

The question is why is there more of the mentally ill people who want to kill people?



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