Turkey thanksgiving …

Shared by Bear Tales follower Bear

I don’t usually post about thanksgiving because we don’t celebrate in Aussie but someone said that you turkeys were going to Bernie’s …

Weekend at Bernies Thanksgiving edition

Weekend at Bernies Thanksgiving edition

Hope you had a laugh. Well Bear is laughing.

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3 thoughts on “Turkey thanksgiving …

    1. Bear Post author

      Educate me. Isn’t “Thanksgiving” celebration of the harvest from the summer to tied you over winter until you can grow more food? I guess that is “Harvest” celebrations? We have two or three crops a year here so didn’t carry on the old English tradition.


      1. Kenneth T.

        OLD tradition is right… The wife and I, when newly married (several years now) started our own “holiday” traditions. A couple, or so; like Holloween or independence day (if we celebrate those) are done at the “popular” times. All others are done when we decide, not when mainstream society decides.

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