Bear is going to have a holiday – Parkes to West Wyalong NSW …

Bear and the Princess are going to go touring in country NSW. We just need to get away because Vevencia has been fighting cancer for 3 years and the latest PET scan today looks clear. She has been through so much. Time for a holiday.


I thought might take a picture of every old Post Office and interesting old buildings in the towns we go through.

Continuing from Day 2 – Coonabarabran NSW to Parkes this is day 3 …

Parkes to West Wyalong

One of the main reasons we wanted to do this trip is that I had been researching family history and wanted to find the grave of the first Judds who came to Australia.

Here it is – Grave of Edward and Emma Judd in Parkes NSW Cemetery. First Judds to come to Aussie in 1855 on the “Startled Fawn”. He was on the committee that set up the Haymarket in Sydney and then moved to Tichborne south of Parkes wheat farming. A long rich life …


the other photos of relatives in Parkes cemetery both on father’s and mother’s side …

Forbes, New South Wales

We loved Forbes they are restoring the magnificent old buildings must have been a very rich area in the 1800’s to be able to build like this still is I think.

“Forbes is a town in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia, located on the Newell Highway between Parkes and West Wyalong. At the 2011 census, Forbes had a population of 7,560. Forbes is probably named after Sir Francis Forbes, first Chief Justice of NSW.

Located on the banks of the Lachlan River, Forbes is 245 metres (804 ft) above sea-level and about 380 kilometres (240 mi) west of Sydney. The district is a cropping area where wheat and similar crops are grown.

The area was home to the Wiradjuri people before non-indigenous settlement. John Oxley passed through in 1817 during one of the first inland expeditions. Oxley named the site Camp Hill. He was unimpressed with the clay soil, poor timber and swamps and he concluded, it is impossible to imagine a worse country. The first settlers moved into the district in 1834.

Gold was discovered by Harry Stephens, also known as “German Perry”, in June 1861. Initially about 30,000 people moved to the goldfields, but by 1863 this had declined to about 3,500 because of the difficult mining conditions.

The goldfields were originally named “Black Ridge”, and the name “Forbes” celebrating Sir Francis Forbes was declared from Sydney as the result of a possible government administrative error, it is said that the name was meant for the town now known as “Hill End” between Orange and Mudgee, New South Wales where gold was discovered around a similar time. Gold was initially found in the area known as Halpin’s Flat. The Albion Hotel, once a Cobb and Co. stage coach stop, had tunnels situated underneath which were used during the gold rush to convey gold and money to and from the banks to minimise the chance of theft. The Albion Hotel burnt down on 10 February 2009, losing years worth of history and memorabilia.

One of Australia’s most renowned bushrangers, Ben Hall, was shot dead in gun battle about 20 kilometres (12 mi) to the north-west of town on 5 May 1865. Hall and his gang were famous for stealing 77 kilograms (170 lb) of gold and £3,700 from the nearby town of Eugowra in 1862. He is buried in the Forbes Cemetery.

Kate Kelly, the sister of bushranger Ned Kelly, lived in the town. She drowned in Lake Forbes while saving an Aboriginal child during a flood in 1898 and was found in a lagoon of the Lachlan River, just outside Forbes.[4][8] She is buried in Forbes Cemetery.”

Great town in hindsight we should have stayed here but as we had only travelled a short distance we continued on to West Wyalong another great old town. I will save those pics for the next post.

We booked into a 1950’s motel and it had not been renovated since then for only $60 a night. A bit of nostalgia and we were very comfortable probably the best mattress of the whole trip. I sat under an old tree on weathered plastic furniture and enjoyed a XXXX beer totally happy on a balmy afternoon.


Will save the rest of the pics of West Wyalong for the next post.

Have a good day Bear

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