Two old men on a bench – 9 September 2018 …


Old men on bench

These are words of wisdom from my old mate and Bear …

We think …

why is there so much controversy over the US President? Endless crap posts for years obviously this is not good for the USA is it? Russia and China are rubbing their hands together and laughing at them. All this war mongering is rubbish. Russia and China will not invade USA it would destroy them. China has a long term plan (100 years) to protect itself and be the dominate trader in the world.



Come to think of it where is the Aussie 100 year plan? All we have is childish idiots in all political parties who either want the PM’s salary for life or out of proportion superannuation. If they carried on like this in the school yard they would be expelled.

we think …

why is everything a team effort these days? Microsoft is making all it’s software for teams! In our day we completed a project and submitted it to the team for evaluation? Guess it depends on the structure of the organisation?


we think …

Bear is a winner I have been doing this for 7 years and made over 13,000 posts. Bear must be insane don’t you think?


Seven Years

Bear enjoying nature G+ 11 06 18

Bear enjoying nature G+ 11 06 18

more controversial things to come as we can solve the world’s problems.

Bear disturbing

Bear and his mate want you to have a say – be angry, be abusive or be whatever you like because you are entitled to your opinion.


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