Two old men on a bench – 12 September 2018 …


Old men on bench

These are words of wisdom from my old mate and Bear …

We think …

there is a need to sort out this Golliwog saga.

Again beat up by the media to create controversy and articles for their benefit and profit …


no racism there move on please!

we think …


view: ABC – Serena Williams: Cartoonist Mark Knight defends depiction of US Open tantrum amid accusations of racism

No idea how this is racist nor discriminatory to women just another media beat up. Laugh and more on 😂

we think …

the press are just making themselves look like blithering idiots and turning everybody away from watching. Factual balanced reporting is what we are looking for because we can’t find any lately and don’t watch. Take note advertisers. Unfortunately it keeps coming up on social media!



more controversial things to come as we can solve the world’s problems.

Bear disturbing

Bear and his mate want you to have a say – be angry, be abusive or be whatever you like because you are entitled to your opinion.


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