Two old men on a bench – 7 September 2018 …


Old men on bench

These are words of wisdom from my old mate and Bear …

We think Australia should bring it back …


we think …

Politicians are too much trying to get dirt on each other and scoring points for their party rather than sitting at their desk and working out what the best policies for Aussie are.

we think …

How much pollution is caused by all this obsession with flying everywhere politicking when they are so obsessed with a energy policy? Aussie is such a small polluter that even if we were totally green it would make an insignificant difference to the world pollution.

we think …

the USA Republic is so sad we don’t want anything like that in Aussie. Not going to happen.

we think this might be right …

there is no trade war it is an economic war! BUT if us idiots don’t buy Chinese products and buy locally made products if possible there is no problem is there? We buy Aussie products every time if possible. They won’t import them if they can’t sell them. Cheap imported products are polluting the world because they don’t last and need to be replaced frequently. I am still using my Grandfather’s gardening tools. Think about it?

we think …

read the other day that in 2016 we bought 60% more clothes than 15 years earlier. All of them are made from plastic which don’t degrade in rubbish fills. Well done world very impressive!

we think …

if your world revolves on Tweets you are a sad person probably with no intelligence.

more controversial things to come we can solve the world’s problems.

Bear disturbing

Bear and his mate want you to have a say – be angry, be abusive or be whatever you like because you are entitled to your opinion.


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