Glengallan Homestead Warwick QLD Australia …

“Glengallan Homestead, built 1867-1868, is located on the southwestern slope of Mount Marshall at the mouth of a wide valley, running west from Cunningham’s Gap, near the junction of the Cunningham and New England Highways approximately 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) north of Warwick.

This valley was the original Darling Downs, discovered and named by explorer Allan Cunningham (1791-1839) in 1827 in honour of the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Ralph Darling (1775-1858), and the name Darling Downs was later used to identify the surrounding region of open rolling country with rich and deep soils. Cunningham found a gap in the dividing range, and the following year, while visiting Moreton Bay, he found a gap which he thought was the same one he had discovered previously, and which became known as Cunningham’s Gap.” Please go to Glengallan Homestead Wikipedia for the story.

Glengallon was in poor condition before the start of restoration …

As we live close in Stanthorpe we visited the homestead in April. It is still under restoration but here are a few of my photos with my phone …

If you are in the area it is worth the visit. Bear loves old houses and furniture. Hope you enjoy?


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5 thoughts on “Glengallan Homestead Warwick QLD Australia …

  1. siskinbob

    What a transformation. It would gave been a crime to let such a handsome building just rot away. Would love to visit, should we get back to Queensland. Our last visit was centred on the Gold Coast. Will be in Oz in the new year, back in WA visiting family in Perth and up on the Dampier Penninsula.

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      1. siskinbob

        That’s very kind. We have a sort of bucket list for Oz, places we would like to visit but the familial ties put great pressure on us. Hence repeat visits to Perth to visit my daughter and now my grandson has moved up to Dampier. I also have a long time English friend ( he thinks he’s Australian) in Melbourne. He gets upset if we are in Oz and don’t visit. Similarly, if we go visit him, my daughter gets upset that we are not spending that time with her. So we do what we can with our limited budget. Still, we would like to revisit Queensland and see some of the countryside away from the tourist traps and theme parks. Would also like to head up to the top end. Before I retired we briefly considered doing a full circumnavigation of Oz. 22,000 kilometres. We decided that was a bit too much for us delicate souls. Much better to take selected bites.

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        1. Bear Post author

          Actually on my bucket list is the south west Esperance – Albany etc. did not spend enough time there want to go back really took my fancy. I have done the 22 thousand and so many places I would like to go back to. Just enjoy as much as you can I will.


          1. siskinbob

            Have done Albany, Denmark etc. A couple of times. Was planning to do Esperance on our last visit but they had enough on their hands with the fires. Didn’t think they needed a couple of Poms with cameras getting under their feet. Maybe on the next trip.

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