Quote for the day Saturday 28 July 2018 …



Have a good day Bear
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2 thoughts on “Quote for the day Saturday 28 July 2018 …

  1. Jeff Mech

    Good day to you.

    A quick question, is there anyway you can breakout how a person subscribes to your emails that you send out? I get up to six (6) emails daily from you, and although I love most of them, I find it difficult to read everything daily. If you would make it that we could pick and choose which emails we would receive, I could get fewer emails, and subscribe to only those I prefer the best. Right now, I have to receive everything.

    Your thoughts?

    Thank you

    Jeff Mech


    (707) 685-1605


    1. Bear Post author

      Thanks for following Bear Tales. This is a WordPress.com blog and they run the email subscriptions. I get different screens because I have the WordPress account however if you look at the bottom of the emails you receive there should be a “manage subscription” link. I am able to select “immediate or daily or weekly emails” so that may suit you better. I use all the options depending on the blog I am following. Once again thanks for following and like the jokes.



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