The valuable advice …


A traveler enters a pub.

The bartender says, “Welcome! What are you drinking?” The traveler, weary from her long journey, responds simply, “Your finest ale, please.” The bartender tells her, “Brilliant.” As he pours her a pint of his finest ale, he makes her an offer.

“Since you are a first time customer, I will offer you a gift I offer all of my first time customers.” The traveler blushed and nodded at the bartender, who was easy on her eyes.

“You may choose either this first pint of ale is free or instead you may pay for the beer and I will give you a piece of valuable advice.” The traveler pondered this for a moment, knowing her coin purse is light.

“Though my purse is light, I am intrigued by your offer. I will pay for my ale, now please share the valuable advice.” The bartender grinned, counting the coins she had given him, looked her in the eye and said, “You should’ve taken the free pint.”

Source: aunty acid

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