Stand up for your country’s national anthem …

Contributed by Bear.

because if you enjoy freedom and a good standard of living Bear knows from experience it doesn’t come cheap …


Shared on G+ 25 06 18

It can’t be more clear.

Thankfully in my country Australia everyone seems to show the greatest respect for what we have achieved through great sacrifice. Even the latest generation of Aussies stand to attention in respect to our veterans from all wars.


Bear quote!


because soldiers earned it for you!

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3 thoughts on “Stand up for your country’s national anthem …

  1. Roy Ranic

    Respecting our flag does not place a burden on anyone. But protecting our flag & country has resulted in harm to millions of people & the ultimate sacrifice to many. Veterans no what the costs can be & we will never waver for our Country’s Honor! Thank you for the support of our flag & the heartfelt pride you show in your country’s.

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