The plastic shopping bag is banned …


In my home state Queensland, Australia the plastic shopping bag is banned from this 1st July.


Yes this old guy has to deal with no plastic bags after using them for nearly 50 years! This might present a few problems.

What do I do about the rubbish? Ever since I have been independent and in charge of the rubbish (always my job) would have a plastic shopping bag in the kitchen and put it out into the wheelie bin regularly so there was no rubbish in the house. Anal I know but that is what I do.

My mother would wrap the household rubbish in newspaper and put it in the old metal bin. I don’t get newspapers anymore all news comes online and it saves the environment right. So my current alternative is to buy a kitchen tidy with twin compartments one for general and one for recycle. Of course I will need to buy plastic bags suitable for that or spend more time, detergent and water to clean it!

Then Bear is going to go shopping. Firstly I will need to buy reusable bags to carry the groceries home in. That should be fine not too costly. So Bear will drive home and park in the remote from the house garage carry the groceries up to the house unpack and fold the reusable bags neatly for next time.

That’s fine but I have to remember to take them with me the next time or buy some more. Am I going to have a use for that spare draw in the kitchen that I thought I would have after the plastic bags had gone?

Is this madness going to save the environment. Seriously the rubbish I see around the place and near waterways appears to be all the other plastic rubbish and none of the plastic shopping bags! Mostly takeaway food wrappings particularly drink containers.

Are they still going to allow the small clear plastic bags that you get to put your veggies in? What about the plastic wrapping and trays meat is packaged in?

Is this move going to save the environment or merely a move initiated by the supermarkets to save money?

Seriously it is becoming a complex life to save the environment. You would think with all the technology we have today a plastic bag that disintegrates in a few months would be possible and much less polluting than the current bags and the new idea of reusable bags?


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