WALMARTIANS thought you needed to see some more …

You need to see WALMARTIANS

Bear Tales

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Have been saving images of shoppers at Walmart.

Seeing so many of you viewed my earlier posts thought I would share some more. Just weird.

Anyway tell us in the comments what your opinion is …

14 - 1 (2)1575GA177622892418292429444803494950595156532853435437553555391509886_10151788258461459_2086248628_n1538872_10151777595166459_922012346_nBear shirtComing up shortsimage (1)image (3)OK prove itpeople-of-wal-mart-dumpaday-29people-of-wal-mart-dumpaday-33people-of-wal-mart-dumpaday-40people-of-wal-mart-dumpaday-47people-of-wal-mart-dumpaday-50s9-img52ba7768c6ed8Turn on air con

I continue to be amazed by the images !!! also sure these people dress like this for a bet !!!

Source: Visit … People of Walmart for much more! You can also contribute photos to Bear Tales Upload.

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