Just saying about guns …

Do what you want USA but it is sad stuff …


I don’t know whether these figures are true but Bear thinks you are paying a high price to be able to have guns?

crazy dog


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3 thoughts on “Just saying about guns …

  1. Roy Ranic

    350 Million people in the USA……over 2.1 Million lives saved a year by guns…….3,800 people use guns to commit suicide a year……5,800 people killed a year by guns while committing thousands of crimes like home invasions, holdups, hits, jealously, no value on life, drugs, gang wars, gang initiation etc. etc. Firearms are lifesavers for law abiding Americans! Note: Just heard that Great Britain is going to ban knifes in London? Because the murder rates committed by stabbings using knives is off the charts???? Stay tuned…….forks are next?


    1. Roy Ranic

      That sure is a possibility………..but not very probable! It would put more people in harms way because their self defense is gone. Evil isn’t going to stop because you take guns away! Guns are a tool the same as a hammer is a tool………but only when used as intended!



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