So are you going to do something? …

Obviously politicians are not representing the people?


When you give idiots guns …


That might be a problem don’t you think derrrrrrrrrrr …

Bear disturbing

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3 thoughts on “So are you going to do something? …

  1. Robert L Wilbraham

    This poor, little baby girl. This wasn’t a gun failure, this was a Sheriffs Department that sat on their hands and let this happen. Not to mention the coward security guy that ran the other way. Well, at least we don’t live on an island started by a bunch of murderers and rapists.


    1. Bear Post author

      Wrong it was a nutter who was able to get many guns because of the inefficient laws in a declining country who support murders and rapists.Correct it is not gun failure it is a failure of inefficient people who have no respect for society.



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