The general store …

General Store

No super store with electric doors
Acres of shelves and shiny floors
It served our needs and so much more
It is what we called the general store

A pot belly stove sat in the back
Off to one side a hardware rack
Along one wall was feed in sacks
Even long johns with flap in back

Canned goods were kept in Mason jars
Gas was outside in a tank for cars
Flour was kept in a wooden barrel
One shelf over was women’s apparel

At the counter they did wheeling and dealing
As ham and bacon hung from the ceiling
Apples were sold by bushel or peck
They even had collars for a horse’s neck

When the day began old men came in
Snuff covered chins and money to spend
Checkers they played or just sat around
The general store was the best spot in town

I yearn for the the old days life and love was so much simpler.

Do you agree?

I hope you are laughing.

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