Nindigully Australia …

“Situated on the banks of the Moonie River, just 45 kilometres south-east of St George is “The Gully” as it is locally known. Nindigully is home to pretty much four houses and a pub, But what a pub, what a view and what characters you’ll find!

Nindigully Pub, established in 1864, vies for the position of Queensland oldest continually licensed pub in Queensland. It’s like something out of an outback movie, it fact, the film, ‘Paperback Hero’, was filmed here and the cafe’s boomerangs remain perched in place.

Once named Australia’s ‘Best Country Pub’, You will have no trouble unwinding on the verandah of the pub as it hums with the chatter of travellers and locals alike, enjoying happy hour and live acoustic music. Pack your appetite as the challenge of the ‘Road Train’ awaits – a whopper burger, big enough to feed you and 100 of your closest mates!

There are plenty of spots to immerse yourself in bushland. Set up your caravan or tent along the scenic tree-lined riverbank or book into one of the pub’s rustic rooms.”

Source: Nindigully

Visit the Aussie outback you will enjoy the locals are friendly!


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