It is going to happen with North Korea it’s WAR …

The USA has already made the decision if North Korea fires another nuclear missile they will be at WAR.

The whole trouble it is in Bear’s part of the world!

The USA will firstly try to shoot down the missile. Secondly they will try to take out Kim Jong Un with bunker penetrating missiles from the war ships as well as taking out missile sites. These will be non nuclear weapons but if all fails they will nuc him.

Trump is backed into a corner and won’t back down. China needs to step in seriously.

Just bear a thought for all the civilian casualties who are innocent and just been conned.

It is going to happen Aussie press is already publishing about our involvement. The Aussie PM has already said today we will be fully in that means even more warships submarines and more. Will we invade?

Read: North Korea is going to launch another missile at Aussie …


2 thoughts on “It is going to happen with North Korea it’s WAR …

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  2. PINY (@royran2015)

    Because all of the past so called leaders, in the USA & our alleged allies never took a stand like President Troop has. He refuses to pay them ransom to be civil! Don’t blame him for the fucked up mess that was created by the politicians of the past? The UN is a useless POS & should be disbanded (although no one would notice any difference)?



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